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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Testing Your Blog and Spam

can of spam
As part of our "getting started" activities I started testing your blogs to make sure edm310comments was being notified that a new comment had been left on your blog. I was using "canned" text for the test. I soon discovered that my comments were disappearing from your blog. With the assistance of a number of students I have discovered how the new spam filtering system of Blogger works.

To check what is going into Blogger Spam go to your dashboard. Click on Comments under you Blog. Click on the Spam tab. That is where Blogger puts spam. And Blogger thinks anything pasted into a comment constitutes spam.

I now have it figured out. As a result I have changed my test. I am leaving a one sentence message, sometimes not particularly important, indicating that I have read your post. It will also serve as my text.

The lesson for you? Check to see what Blogger is putting into your spam folder.

This is a new feature of Blogger. I have never been troubled by spam in blogger. But now I am defended even though I think no defense is necessary at the moment.


  1. You will be posting comments to ALL blog posts, correct? I only ask because I don't have any comments at the moment.

  2. You have an error in your post. When you said, "I am leaving a one sentence message... indicating that I have read you post.", I am sure that you meant to say "your" in place of the "you." :)

  3. Ann-Marie: You are correct. I have made the correction.

    Thank you!