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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Food For Thought - Read This!

Read this short (I add this because so many of you shy away from anything "long") article The Stable Boy and the iPad.

here is an alternate link if the above link causes difficulties:
The Stable Boy and the iPad
Think about the implications for you as a member of the educational profession!

Think about this in terms of your learning!

Think of this when you consider questions of equity and equal access.

Think of this when you consider how small the world is becoming.



  1. This is so amazing, because it just shows how smart children are. They don't have rules and regulations, formulas and rituals; they just pick things up and learn. This is great for teachers because it reminds us how intelligent our little ones are.

  2. I keep seeing things like this, "how small the world is becoming" and after re-listening to Ruth Cantons This I Believe I got to thinking... Maybe her hopes of more interconnectedness and society's realization of our interdependence on each other is coming to fruition. The world is NOT getting any smaller, but we are becoming more aware of each other in large part thanks to our new communication technologies.

  3. I really enjoyed that article. I do not own an Ipad but I have an Ipod touch and I am impressed by that young man. It took me a while to figure out my touch. So if I ever get an Ipad I guess it is off to Columbia to get someone to show me how to use it.

  4. Magical indeed!

    The implications of the Ipad for education are limitless. As this article demonstrates the touchscreen interface is becoming so intuitive that literacy and language differences are no longer barriers to understanding. Thats HUGE!

    Another big factor for me in my work is the accessibility features that are available right out of the box. On an Ipad I can teach a person who is blind, using three to six gestures, to do what it would have taken them literally hundreds of keystrokes to do on a computer. This device will revolutionize how people who are blind access the digital world forever.

    Great article. Thanks for sharing. SS