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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Break Lab Hours

Lab Open and Closed Over Spring Break

Lab Hours
Saturday March 1 - CLOSED
Sunday March 2 - CLOSED

Monday through Friday Spring Break Week - CLOSED

Saturday March 8 - OPEN 9am - 6pm
Sunday March 9 - OPEN 1pm - 6pm

Resources to Correct Problems

Picture Solution: Place in appropriate place

One person Solution: Use my picture from Emergency Access

Email address present See p. 11 of Activities Manual

Email address working Great!

Twitter contact up See p. 11 of Activities Manual

Class Blog Feed present and working? Add RSS Feed to Your Blog

Working links in blog posts Adding Links and Break Code to Your Blog Post

Blog archives present Solution: See Dr. Strange or Lindsey, Melissa, Becca or Jacey-Blaire

Images being used in all blog posts Add Images and Tag Modifiers to Your Blog

Title tag modifier works Add Images and Tag Modifiers to Your Blog

Order of sidebar items correct Solution: See p. 11 of Activities Manual Then Go to: Blogger/ Layout/ Gadgets Drag to change order. May have to move top down.

ALT tag modifier works. TO CHECK: Go to W.A.V.E. Type in URL of blog being checked.To correct a problem, watch this movie to lear how: Title tag modifier works Add Images and Tag Modifiers to Your Blog

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Schedule Change

Change of Plans
I have decided that since the classes this semester seem to be doing much better than in the past I will change the MANDATORY CLASS Requirement next week to only one meeting. I seriously thought about eliminating all mandatory meetings next week. I may still do so. Watch the Class Blog for more details.

As of now mandatory class meetings next week will be

Section 701 (TT 11-12:15) will meet THURSDAY 11-12:15
Section 702 (TT 2-3:15) will meet THURSDAY 2-3:15
Section 703 (MW 4-5:15) will meet WEDNESDAY 4-5:15
Section 704 (W 6-8:30 pm) will meet WEDNESDAY 6-7:15 pm

If there are any further changes I will announce them on the Class Blog.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thank you.

Thank You EDM 310

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blog Post Assignments Revised

The Blog Post Assignments Document has been revised today 2/11/14. We are currently using Version 5. Be sure you are using the correct version.

Changes made:

1. Driving Question clarified for Blog Post #5

2. The use of the rubric developed by EDM310 students is again postponed. Watch the Class Blog for further instructions.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Down for the Count?

down for the count

I don't know. Certainly a poor start on projects. Here are the figures

No Posts
Blog - 9 or 9%
C4T #1 − 21 or 23%
Presentation - 18 or 19%

You may not think that I mean it when I say you must be on time with your work. But I do. It is exactly the same as your principal insisting that you be on time for your work at a school. Exactly.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

EDM Lab Open Saturday 2/8/2014

The EDM Lab (3301) WILL be open Saturday 2/8/14 from 9am - 6pm

Monday, February 3, 2014

7 Posts Not Done Despite the Ice and Snow

How wrong I was! After 3 days of ice and snow, with nothing to distract you, I thought we would break all records and have 100% of the blog posts due last night (Sunday 2/2/14) submitted on time despite the Super Bowl. Alas, I was wrong. Seven students did not post this week. Another was not on topic and was unsatisfactory. Oh my. Where have all the enthusiastic learners gone? (A reminder that Pete Seeger died this week. Where Have all the Flowers Gone?)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blog Post #3 Still Due Sunday midnight.

Request for clarification
I just moved PART of the assignment for Blog Post #3 (Part d) to be a part of Blog Post #5. The instruction manual has been changed accordingly. The part I moved concerned the use of the rubric. Just comment without using a rubric.