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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

C4K Will Start Next Week

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The Checklist indicates that you have a C4K comment due by Sunday 9/4. I am moving all C4K assignments back one week. The first C4K comment should be done during the week starting Sept 4 and before midnight Sept 11. Just move all C4K assignments back one week.

I was thinking too fast when I made the schedule.

C4K assignments will be posted sometime Monday September 5.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mastering Twitter

Twitter logo

Approach Twitter in Stages
Week 1 - Getting Started with Twitter

1. Get Twitter Account
a. Shorter name is better
b. Send your Twitter name to Be sure to include your real name in the Gmail
c. AND SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT that I forgot to put here originally but added by @wmchamberlain in an extremely important comment which I have copied and pasted here:
Wm Chamberlain said...
Please fill out your bio on Twitter and add you are a pre-service teacher. There are a lot of people on Twitter that will not follow someone with no bio info. It would also be a good idea to "introduce" yourself to those you are following. The ed community is very helpful, especially to pre-service teachers.
d. Add to your bio that you are currently enrolled in EDM310. Many of my followers, and the followers of @wmchamberlain, know about EDM310.
2. Install TweetDeck
3. Get Delicious account and install link in browser
4. Follow all staff AND @wmchamberlain, @mcleod, @jshe, @pvbaggett, @classroom20, @TweetSmarter, @alwright1, @allonsdanser,@edm310_usa, @hadleyjf, @deananunn, @johntspencer, @ShellTerrell and any others you want
5. Create a column for #edm310 and if in Dr. Bagget's class #edu301
6. Spend 10 minutes in morning and 10 minutes later in day reviewing Twitter feeds and messages
7. Click on interesting links. If want to save link, add to Social Bookmarks using Delicious
8. Answer questions with @ responses if you have something to say (but don't worry if you don't)
9. RT interesting Tweets

Week 2 - Increase The Number of Those Whom You Follow
1. Follow the 57 people in @JohnMikulski Tweet (57 Must Follow Educators)
2. Follow my list of "Must Follows" which will appear in your Google Docs
3. Find 10 additional people to follow from those who are followed by any of the people who are listed in any of the lists (including those whom you started with)
4. Repeat steps 4-9 in the Week 1 instructions

Week 3 - Moved Toward Twitter Comfort
1. Provide at least one Tweet in which you have a link to an interesting site you have encountered. Be sure #edm310 is in that link. If about art, also add #edu301
2. 4. Repeat steps 4-9 in the Week 1 instructions EXCEPT spend at least 15 minutes per Twitter session instead of 10 minutes
3. Tweet people whom you encounter in readings, blog posts, etc.
4. Respond (even if it is just Thank You) to people who send Tweets to you @...

Weeks 4 and Beyond
Further instructions will follow

Sunday, August 28, 2011

C4TAdded to Google Docs - 17 Students May Not Get C4T

Missing Movie poster

Google reports that I have shared C4T1 Assignment with 126 students. I think I have shared it with 143. So 17 of you may not have gotten the document. Send me an email if you did not get it. Send email to

C4C will be posted no later than noon tomorrow.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Your Pictures Are Now Available

Class pictures


1. Find your picture in the class section for which you are enrolled (not the one you are attending). The links to the class pictures are immediately above.
2. Click on your picture.
3. Download your picture by clicking on the down arrow at the bottom of your picture.
4. Add your picture to your blog by following the instructions on p. 12 of The Activities Manual

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

C4T #1 Due Date Changed

C4T Due Date Changed

The first comment and post deadlines for C4T have been changed to September 4, 2011. We will discuss C4T more in class this week.

The teachers are eager to read your comments. Here is a Tweet I received from @jennyluca this morning (8/24/11):
Tweet from @jennylica

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome Fall 2011 Class - Fall Materials Now Available



Want to find out more about EDM310? Want to get a head start on the class? (An excellent idea as you will find out soon!)

Links to the Syllabus and related materials are found in the column to the right.

Links to the Fall Student Blogs will be available August 22-25. Visit some of the Summer 2011 student blogs. The last post on all the blogs is a 5-10 minute Final Reflection which should interest you.

Read the post Eleven Key Attributes of EDM310 which is the second post below. Anthony Capps, Allie Howell (both Lab Associates in EDM310) and I used for the #rscon3 conference in late July 2011.

Read EDM310 Is Different. This is an assignment for the first week. Get ahead! You will be glad you did. In this document you will find references to The Chipper Series (17:51) and EDM310 for Dummies (3:54). These are movies done by former EDM310 students and also also part of the assignments for the first two week of class.

Watch these two movie to get a sense of what EDM310 is about and how it is different:

9 Differences in EDM310 (9:48)
Aspects of EDM310 (5:16)

Bring your computer to class. Be on time. We have a lot to do!

We look forward to meeting you!

Monday, August 1, 2011

EDM310 Students and Graduates: You Are Now More Valuable!

Mac laptop

Baldwin County Public Schools Superintendent Alan Lee has announced that all students in the Bay Minette High School will have a MacBook starting this September. This is the start of an effort to do this countywide by the 2012-13 school year. "I would like to have 20,000 [MacBooks] in the hands of students by 2012-2013. That would be my goal" said Lee.

Baldwin Register, special insert Back to School... Back to the Future, Sunday, July 24, 2011, p.2.