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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lab Open Sat 9/29 But No Staff; Sunday 9/30 Open and Staffed

What time is it?
The Lab will be open (if it locked ask the Lab attendant across the hall to open it Saturday September 29, 2012. It will NOT, however, be staffed on Saturday. The Lab will be OPEN and STAFFED Sunday September 30, 2012.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Comment Rejected Because It Did Not Meet 3rd Grade Standards

3rd Grade F foe Some of You?

On p. 16 of the Projects Instruction Manual you will find this listed as point #3:
All comments must be proofread and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Have you read Some of You Won’t Make It Through 3rd Grade ? If not, do so now. I do NOT want to find out that your comments have been rejected by a teacher (3rd grade or not) because of spelling or grammatical errors. For heavens sake! You are planning to be a teacher, correct?

If not, do so now made bold and italicized for this post.
I also told this story in every class during one of the first mandatory classes.

Sunday (September 23, 2012) I got this email from Anthony Capps, my very first Lab Professional and now a 3rd grade teacher (just like Mrs. Yollis) at Gulf Shore Elementary:
Comment rejected
If you can't read the text in the image, here is what Anthony wrote:
Hi Dr. Strange,

I can't publish this comment because BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBB didn't capitalize her letters appropriately, and she included more than one run-on sentence. We just got finished discussing the importance of capitalization and punctuation last week, and I don't want this comment to undermine our progress.

In contrast, Daniel Morgan's post was very helpful! We just began learning how sentence variety makes writing more interesting, and his use of questioning was exemplary.

Thank you,

OH MY! Four times she used i instead of I. One time she made poll plural by adding an apostrophe s. She had one run-on sentence. In addition, data is always plural. The singular form is datum. Using data as a singular noun is incorrect. Unfortunately, many people treat it as a singular noun as did this student. The misuse of data as a singlar noun apparently played no role in the rejection of her comment. I would have rejected it for that reason, however.

You must proofread your comments.
You are not texting when you leave a comment.
Please do not let this happen again.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Where Have All the Students Gone?

Flowers being picked
One of my favorite songs by Pete Seeger is Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone?
Girls have picked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

So Where have all the students gone?
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Why do I ask this?
Well 25 (21%) did not do Blog Post #4
40 (34%) did not do the C4T#1
and 34 (29%) did not do their presentation.
For some they have started like the Saints: 0 and 3. Not many teams have ever made the playoffs starting 0 and 3.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Embed Your Presentation - Google Changes the Rules

Google has changed the way to get the code that will embed your Presentation in your Blog. Here are the new instructions:
1. Create your presentation.
2. Proof it for spelling and grammar.
3. Make sure you have followed the instructions and have 15 or more slides including a Title page and an End page as well as acknowledgements for pictures and material used.
4. Go to the File menu in Google Docs (Drive) with your presentation open in Docs (Drive).
5. Select Publish to Web.
6. Click Start Publishing.
7. When asked if you are sure you want to publish this documet, Click OK. 8. Change size to Small (480x 389). 8. Select time for slide to Automatically Advance The default - 3 seconds - will probably work. If it does not, go back and change it by selecting Publish to web under the File menu. (Unfortunately the new version of Google will not let you select Manual Advance.)
9. Copy embed code.
10. Go to Blogger and create new post.
11. Add a Title - Project # 5 Presentation.
12. Be sure the HTML tab is selected.
13. Paste embed code.
14. Publish and make sure it works.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

C4K Starts Monday September 17, 2012

Image of wordle

I think C4K is one of the most important parts of EDM310. You will be commenting on kids blogs throughout the world. But you must PREPARE for this activity before you undertake it. Here's how:

1. Read/watch all material for which links appear in the section for Projects#3, #4 and #7 in the Projects Manual, p. 18
.....a in the opening paragraph
.....b in the General rules numbers 1-5 (on p.18) and 6c (on pp. 19-20)

2. If your C4K assignment has a Class Blog, look it over. see what you can find out about the class and the assignment. For Week 1 I have done a bit of that for you. Where possible I have listed the teacher's name, the school, and the grade. But YOU must explore every week. Don't just treat this as a quick assignment. Think about the way the teacher is approaching instruction, how she uses blogs and for what purpose.

3. PROOFREAD your comment. Do not have it rejected because of your failure to use good grammar, to spell correctly, or to avoid texting techniques.

4. In this first iteration, C4K will take more time than it will later in the semester. Invest quality time in this assignment. I assure you it will be beneficial to you in the future.

Some Additional Reminders:

Many of these students have been blogging since September. The students at Pt. England School probably have been blogging for 3 or more years! They know more about blogging than you do. Pt. England School is one of my favorite schools and has been for a long time. We will visit Pt. England School quite often.

Three Special Reminders
1. If the student to whom you are assigned does not have a post, choose another student and notify me (at of the student you selected instead.
2. You must find out about the teacher and the school BEFORE you leave a comment. You are a visitor there. Know where you are and with whom you are interacting! This is extremely important!
3. We will discuss what you should do in completing your C4K assignments in class this week. Tuesday and Wednesday classes are mandatory (Wednesday night 6-7:15). If I were you I would wait to start on C4K until after that mandatory class.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Add Your Picture to Your Blog Profile

Profile Link
Here's how:

Go to the Class Blog.

On the right, just under Instruction Manual, click on Click on the Emergency Access to the Instructon Manual.

At the top of the light blue area, click on your class in the Subpage(s) list

At the right, click on the Down Arrow. This will download your picture to your computer. On a PC it will (probably) go into the Pictures folder. On a Mac it will go into the Downloads folder.

Go to your blog.

In the upper right you will see your name with a down arrow. Click on the Down arrow.

Click on Blogger Profile

Click on Edit Profile in the Upper Right

In the area where it says Profile Photo, click on From your computer and choose your picture which should be in the location specified above. It will be named YouLastName,YourFirstName.jpg, e.g. Baxter, Alecia.jpg

It will upload and appear in the Profile page and on your Blog

VERY IMPORTANT: Scroll all the way down and click on Save Profile on the Left.

In a yellow bar near the top of the Profile page it will say "Your settings have been saved" and there will be a link to "View Updated profile". Click on that link to check it out.

Lab Closed 12:00 - 2:00 Wednesday 9/12. Use Lab Across the Hall

Due to a College scheduling problem, the EDM310 LAB (3301) will be closed Wednesday 9/12 from 12-2. EDM310 Lab Assistants WILL be in the labs across the hall (3304 and 3306) which you may use.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Missing Too Many Posts!

Be on time with your work! I hope you remember that. Some students apparently did not. We have 121 students in all four sections of EDM310 this semester. Of those, 2 are inactive since they have not attended class and have done little or nothing. That leaves 119. Of those, 18 did not have their Blog post Assignment #1 done on time. That is 15%, the typical percentage since the new version of EDM310 began 3 years ago. But I am not happy with that number! You are learning to be a professional. Act like one. And if you are having problems (other that procrastination), COME TO THE LAB.

In addition, 4 additional students did not do all parts of the assignment, and one did part of the assignment and then removed the entire post. I am not sure what that is about.

The staff and I will start reading the posts today. By the end of the week we will have a report on the quality of your work.

Five students are ahead in their posts! That is an excellent way to start EDM310. Some 8 others wrote their Blog Post #2 quite early but have given up that lead by not moving even further ahead. Being ahead in your EDM310 work is valuable, especially at crunch time for other courses.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Books and Chapters Assigned for Podcast

Composite of Esquith book covers
I have added to the Groups Fall 2012 Doc specific assignments for your Group Podcast. Each member of a Group will need to purchase a book. There are three possible books, all by Rafe Esquith. They are available from Amazon and other bookstores. Prices shown below are Amazon prices.
Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire - Paperback $ 10.20; Hardcover $ 15.59; Kindle $ 12.99
There Are No Shortcuts - Paperback $ 10.20; Kindle $ 13.99
Lighting Their Fires - Hardcover $ 9.98; Kindle $ 12.99

You can get free 2 day delivery from Amazon by joining Student Prime which is free for the first 6 months.

Your assignment is now shown in the Groups Fall 2012 Doc.You should order (or get a copy from a library) NOW!

Groups List Now in Your Docs (Drive)

group of students
I have shared the Doc Groups List Fall 2012 with you.

There are 9 students who are not in a group. There are several possible reasons for this:
1. They were absent on the last day of class this week (a mandatory meeting date).
2. The person who was supposed to send a Gmail to listing the group members did not do so.
3. The student left class before groups were formed.

If you are not assigned to a group you must contact me (Dr. Strange) as soon as possible.