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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Embed Your Presentation - Google Changes the Rules

Google has changed the way to get the code that will embed your Presentation in your Blog. Here are the new instructions:
1. Create your presentation.
2. Proof it for spelling and grammar.
3. Make sure you have followed the instructions and have 15 or more slides including a Title page and an End page as well as acknowledgements for pictures and material used.
4. Go to the File menu in Google Docs (Drive) with your presentation open in Docs (Drive).
5. Select Publish to Web.
6. Click Start Publishing.
7. When asked if you are sure you want to publish this documet, Click OK. 8. Change size to Small (480x 389). 8. Select time for slide to Automatically Advance The default - 3 seconds - will probably work. If it does not, go back and change it by selecting Publish to web under the File menu. (Unfortunately the new version of Google will not let you select Manual Advance.)
9. Copy embed code.
10. Go to Blogger and create new post.
11. Add a Title - Project # 5 Presentation.
12. Be sure the HTML tab is selected.
13. Paste embed code.
14. Publish and make sure it works.

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