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Monday, September 10, 2012

Missing Too Many Posts!

Be on time with your work! I hope you remember that. Some students apparently did not. We have 121 students in all four sections of EDM310 this semester. Of those, 2 are inactive since they have not attended class and have done little or nothing. That leaves 119. Of those, 18 did not have their Blog post Assignment #1 done on time. That is 15%, the typical percentage since the new version of EDM310 began 3 years ago. But I am not happy with that number! You are learning to be a professional. Act like one. And if you are having problems (other that procrastination), COME TO THE LAB.

In addition, 4 additional students did not do all parts of the assignment, and one did part of the assignment and then removed the entire post. I am not sure what that is about.

The staff and I will start reading the posts today. By the end of the week we will have a report on the quality of your work.

Five students are ahead in their posts! That is an excellent way to start EDM310. Some 8 others wrote their Blog Post #2 quite early but have given up that lead by not moving even further ahead. Being ahead in your EDM310 work is valuable, especially at crunch time for other courses.

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