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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Books and Chapters Assigned for Podcast

Composite of Esquith book covers
I have added to the Groups Fall 2012 Doc specific assignments for your Group Podcast. Each member of a Group will need to purchase a book. There are three possible books, all by Rafe Esquith. They are available from Amazon and other bookstores. Prices shown below are Amazon prices.
Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire - Paperback $ 10.20; Hardcover $ 15.59; Kindle $ 12.99
There Are No Shortcuts - Paperback $ 10.20; Kindle $ 13.99
Lighting Their Fires - Hardcover $ 9.98; Kindle $ 12.99

You can get free 2 day delivery from Amazon by joining Student Prime which is free for the first 6 months.

Your assignment is now shown in the Groups Fall 2012 Doc.You should order (or get a copy from a library) NOW!

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