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Friday, December 12, 2014

Second Graders Research, Present and Reflect

Second Graders from Gulf Shores Elementary School engage in research, make presentations, and reflect on their work.

The Presentations

Presentation Number 1

Presentation Number 2

The Reflections
A Conversation with Two Second Graders: Doing Research and Making presentations

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

About Over But...

The plane is about to leave.
1. You MUST have Foliotek checked before 4pm on Thursday December 5, 2014. As of the posting of this notice (5:25 pm Wednesday 12/3/14) 19 students have not yet had their Foliotek checked. They are:

Britton Mia
Chapman Christina
Cuhaj Kellie
Garrett Joshua
Gossett Savannah
Harris Candace
Johnson Arneetia
Kennedy Faith
Lynn Shelby
Meyers Cortnee
Miller Kela
O'Berry Robert
Parker Taylor
Reed Ross
Rodrick Emily
Stapleton Sabrina
Taylor Daniel
Thomas Justin
Wake Tiffany

You are asking for SERIOUS trouble if you do not get your Foliotek checked!

2. You must submit your Final Questionnaire no later than Sunday midnight December 7, 2014. You will be sent the link at about 8:00 pm tonight (Wednesday 12/3/14)

3. You must submit your video FINAL REFLECTION no later than Sunday midnight December 7, 2014.