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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photograph Your Check to Deposit It

A check
Read this brief article Deposit Checks to Pay Pal Via Mobile Picturesabout Pay Pal's new service. Think about the implications for banks, deposit slip printers, ATM machine manufactures, companies that mail and/or deliver checks, the post office, car dealers (less frequent drives to the bank), the tellers in banks, the US Postal Service, etc.

What else will this change in the banking world? In the economic world in general?

Now think about the changes that are happening right now that will change schools. If you think that tomorrow schools will be like the schools you attended (and probably thought you would be teaching in), you are very wrong. If they can't or don't change they will disappear!

Think about it!

via Twitter @geaux_girl Follow her? I do.

Google Docs Tipsheet and Resource Guide

Google Docs
EDM310 students:
Here is a great Google Docs Tipsheet and Resource Guide. You will find it vey useful. I spotted this in my Twitter flow this morning. Thanks to @web20classroom for the link. Steven Anderson is @web20classroom. Twitter is worthwhile just for his tweets. If you are not following @web20classroom, do so now! If you are not yet on twitter, you should be. You will have to provide your Twitter name and your Skype name on the midterm exam. Be prepared!

Monday, September 27, 2010

19% of Teachers Missing! Will School Open?

If I were the Principal of EDM310 and you were the teachers, what would I do if 19% (30 out of 162) of you did not show up for work this morning? That is similar to the situation I face today in looking at the count I get every Monday morning on how many EDM310 students did not do their Blog Assignments due at midnight on Sunday. Can I find enough substitutes? Can I open the school anyway?

No. I have a better idea. I'll create a Google form and survey Coach Jones, Coach Saban, Coach Chizic and all the coaches I can think of. I'll ask: What would happen if a member of your team did not show up for a game? for practice? for a scheduled press outing? Then I'll apply the same approach in EDM310.

What do you think of that? Fair enough? The right approach?

Underneath this question is another: What does a teacher need to do to inculcate in his or her students an understanding that if you are preparing to be a professional you need to fulfill your responsibilities including doing your work on time?

Of course, the students who read this post are the ones, most likely, that will have arrived on time. They will be covering the classes of the absentees. So I guess it's appropriate to ask them about this situation. Thanks to those of you who did arrive on time, did do your Blog Assignment #5 by midnight last night.

Leave me a comment.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Are You Doing So Far?

EDM310 is 27 percent complete
We have completed 27% of the semester. It is hard to believe that over 1/4 of the class has flown by.

How are you doing in getting your work in on time? Most of you are doing quite well!

Here is my latest count on several things you should have done already. I have also reminded you where the instructions are.

1. Your Presentation - Project 5 20 of you (12%) have not embedded your presentation into your blog. It was due a week ago last Sunday (9/12). In addition, two of you embedded it incorrectly. All we see is part of the code. Instructions can be found on p. 17 of the Projects Manual which you can get through the Instruction Manual.

2. Additional Assignment #1 33 of you (20%) have not done the Additional Assignment #1. I suspect that you are NOT reading the Blog every day. Maybe I am wrong (I can't yet collect data on that although I can collect data on when you visit the blog and how long you stay), but one of the reasons that I add Additional Assignments in the Blog is to make sure you are reading the blog regularly. In a Blended Class that is the primary way I have to communicate with you. If you have not yet done this assignment (due last Wednesday 9/15), scroll down to the post Additional Assignment #1 on the Class Blog and do the assignment. While you are on the Class Blog, read all the posts that you have missed. Of course, if you do not read the Class Blog you may never see this post. That would be unfortunate. Maybe a friend will remind you to READ THE CLASS BLOG!

3. Summary of C4T Assignment - You were to have posted a Summary of your reactions to and work in doing the first C4T assignment. 24 of you (15%) have not yet posted your summary. It was due 9/12 (a week ago last Sunday). See p. 15 of the Projects Manual which you can get through the Instruction Manual.

4. Wordle - 14 of you (9%) of you still do not have a working Wordle. It was due 9/5. See p. 7 of the Projects Manual which you can get through the Instruction Manual. Ask for help if that is what is delaying you. The lab is staffed five days a week. Visit it. It helps!

5. Blog Assignment #4 20 of you (12%) did not post Blog Assignment #4 on time. You CANNOT afford to get behind in EDM310.

6. Your Picture and Your Gmail Link 22 of you (14%) do not have your picture either at the top of the small column (preferred) or the large column (acceptable) as the instructions call for. 89 of you (55%) do not have a link that works for your gmail address. Because these numbers are so high I will assume that I am at fault and will redo the instructions. Watch for them. They will appear as a post on the Class Blog later this week.

To those who are late with your work:
Most of you are planning to be teachers. One of the problems you will have is that your students will not do their work on time. You should set a good example for them. If you were employed by me, about 20% of you would be on the street looking for another job. EDM310 should be considered as a primary professional responsibility. Do your work on time!

Mr. Chamberlain Needs Some Help

Third Grade Class Noel Elementary (Missouri)
Mr. Chamberlain sent via Twitter: "I would love some #comments4kids on this third grade singing post It's A Grand Old Flag! (1:30) and Boo (:35)"

OK EDM310. Let's leave some comments on Mr. C's Blog. Just click the link above, listen, leave a comment on Mr. C's blog where you listen to the kids! Thanks!

A Timeline: The Learning Machines

Horn book

Thinking about timelines? You should be. Here's an example: The Learning Machines.

Can't see how to move forward? Just click the next date on the right (forward or backward)
Image of where to click

Monday, September 20, 2010

Listen to the iPad Orchestra

The iPad Orchestra plays "Sweet Dream" (1:54)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Major Change to Blog Assignments Document

Corrections arm patch
I have corrected a major problem with the Blog Assignments Document (a link in Blog Assignment #6). I strongly recommend that you never rely on a printed copy of Blog Assignments.

If you have printed Version 1.0 of the Blog Assignments Document, replace it with Version 1.1 or preferably use the .pdf file on the web.

iPad users will have to replace the .pdf document in their iBooks app.

Friday, September 17, 2010

iPad Users

You may have noticed that you can access the .pdf files for EDM310 (Syllabus, Instruction Manual, Projects, Blog Assignments, Calendar, ALTandTITLE and Activities) but that links to URLs in these .pdf documents do not work.

I am working with Apple now (that is what the previous post is all about) to get those links working. In the meantime you can add them - as books - to your iBooks app on your iPad and when you open them there the links will work.

Here's how to add them as books:
1. Make sure you have the iBooks app. It is free. If you do not have it, Search for iBooks and add that app to your iPad.
2. On your computer, save all of the .pdf documents listed above on your desktop. When you open the document go to File...Save and be sure you are saving to desktop or some other place where you will be able to find them.
3. Open iTunes. File...Add to all the .pdf files

They will go into the Books area on iTunes. Make sure you have set iTunes and the iPad to Sync books. Click for Sync Help.

If you have trouble, call me.

I hope to hear about a better solution soon. We may have to wait for the iPad to get iOS Version 4.2 in November.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Test Apple This link opens a .pdf file.

EDM310 students. Ignore this post. We are helping Apple with a test. I thought I could remove this quickly but it now appears that I need to leave it for a while.

It will disappear soon.

Project Instructions Revised

Revised Stamp

The Project Instructions have been revised. The current version is 1.4. This major revision involves two things:
1. Wordle now automatically adds alt and title modifiers. When using a Wordle image you do not have to worry about adding, or filling in, the alt and title modifiers.

2. The instructions on p.10 relating to how to add alt and title modifiers has been changed. The text now refers you to a document called ALTandTITLE.pdf. If you need instructions about alt and title modifiers (which must be added to ALL of the images you place on your blog), you can go directly to the appropriate instructions by clicking on the link ALTandTITLE.pdf.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Google Presentations

late for school image

Have you shared your Google Presentation with As of 7:30 am on Tuesday 9/14 only 65 have been received. That's just 40% of the class. Not a very good start to being on time for a lot of you! UPDATE: As of 6:45 pm on Tuesday 9/14 we have 112 presentations shared. That's 68%. MUCH BETTER!

A question? Are you reading the Class Blog every day? Are you reading every post? This is the primary way I have to communicate with you. Be sure you do not miss what is written or said in this Class Blog.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

C4K Starts

important icon
Comments4Kids starts this week. Tomorrow you will have the first two assignments for C4K. The C4K is one of your most important activities in EDM310. Your field work with actual students begins.

Your first assignment will be with Mr. Chamberlain's 8th grade at the Noel Elementary School in Noel, MO. It is a poor school in a poor, rural area of southwest Missouri. The major employer is a chicken processing plant. Mr. Chamberlain is my mentor from whom I learned the importance of blogging and commenting on blogs. He is looking forward to your participation in his class as you learn to be a professional educator.

These are the first blog posts these students have ever done. They are beginning bloggers, just like most of you!

As in any activity you will undertake, you must be prepared. That takes time. There is no magic 5 minute fix to be a teacher. On the C4K sheet I have listed several steps which you must follow to prepare for C4K. Do them all. In addition, I have provided you with a very brief overview of Mr. Chamberlain, his school and his class. There is much more to learn. Explore. Share what you find.

And be on time with your comments. Just like you, Mr. Chamberlain's kids will be very disappointed if they do not get a comment on their blog when others do. Do your C4K assignment on time. Or even early!

Follow the good commenting rules of Mr. Chamberlain (a link to them is on the assignment sheet) and Mrs. Yollis (a link is in the Projects Manual). Read the assignments the kids had. Links are on the assignment document. Remember, what you leave is a permanent trail of your intellectual journey.

Good luck as you start your apprenticeship in the field of education. Ask any member of the instructional staff for assistance if you need it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

C4T Teacher Has Not Posted Since You Commented? What to Do?

Question mark
Go back in time to the most recent post which is not a housekeeping post and on which you have not commented. Comment on that post.

I have clarified this by rewriting the instructions in the Projects Document which has been republished as Version 1.2. Upon rereading my original instructions I can understand why so many of you have been confused. Sorry! I hope this clarifies what you should do when the C4T has no new posts since your original comment.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Additional Assignment #1 Due 9/15

AA number 1
From time to time additional assignments will be made through posts such as this one. We do this for several reasons:
1. We encounter additional material or opportunities for learning.
2. We change our mind about previously announced assignments.
3. We want to make sure that you are reading the class blog every day. We have no other way to reach the entire class. It is critical that you read the class blog every day! You should also check your Gmail every day. Sometimes I use that way to contact you rather than the Class Blog. Stay alert and tuned in!

Here is your Additional Assignment #1:
1. Watch the movie EDM310 Additional Assignment #1 Edited for You Tube or the original Additional Assignment #1 Material edited out of the You Tube version is contained in this post so you will not miss anything if you watch the You Tube version and read this post. The You Tube version is 03:55 shorter than the original version. I had to get under 10 minutes for You Tube. If it is not available yet, be patient. You Tube can sometimes take up to 6 hours to post video because if the enormous amount of video being uploaded each hour. You will (or already have) encountered this information in one of the assignments for this week. Did you notice?
2. Do at least 3 google squared searches, two of which must be other than the examples provided by Google Squared
3. Do at least 2 WolframAlpha searches
4. Create a post (titled Additional Assignment #1) in which you address all of the following

a. What are the educational implications of searches such as Google Squared provides?
b. What are the educational implications of searches such as WolframAlpha provides?
c. Did you know about Google Squared before this assignment?
d. Did you know about Wolfram Alpha before this assignment?
e. Reread your comments about Did You Know. Have my comments altered your thinking about anything you saw, heard, read, or reported for the Did You Know assignment? If not, say so. If so, describe how in as much detail as necessary.
f. What did you learn from this exercise about how you react to and deal with "statistics"?

6. Using WolframAlpha, find where the Pitcairn Islands are. Take a screen shot. Include it in your post.

Suggestion. Try the Mac in the lab to do your screenshot. Any of the lab assistants will talk you through it. It is exceptionally easy. Write your post anywhere you want. Publish it. Then in the lab do the WolframAlpha search. Take a screenshot. Edit your post and add the screenshot to it. The alt should be Pitcairn Islands map" The title should be: " Screenshot by Your Name"

Still more...

7. This assignment is due no later than midnight Wednesday 9/15. Add it to your Checklist. Here's how:
a. Open your checklist.
b. Click on the number 38 in row 38. This selects the entire row.
c. Insert ... Row above
d. Click in cell E38. Then hold the shift key down and click in cell G38. This selects cells E, F and G 38. Then with these 3 cells selected, click on the merge icon (has line with two arrowheads pointing left and right - 3rd from the right). This will make one cell out of three.
e. In that cell type Additional Assignment #1. Color it green when you complete it on time (due 9/15 even though in 9/12 section. Do it by 9/12 if possible). Late (color red) only if completed after midnight 9/15

And more, and more, and more:
8. Has your group selected a podcast topic? See the first post below.
9. Have you corrected the name of your Checklist (if necessary). See the second post below.
10. Have you read the Food For Thought post? If not, do so. Then in the post required for this additional assignment, write one sentence which describes your reaction to the article that you are asked to read in Food For Thought.

That's all for now.

HOWEVER, read the Class Blog EVERY DAY! Read ALL of the posts. Don't skip any!

Podcast Topics Now in Google Docs

The list of Podcast Topics is now available in Google Docs. If you have an idea for a topic that is not listed, speak to any member of the EDM310 Instructional staff or send an email to

The podcast is a collaborative project involving the groups as listed in the Google Docs documents.

Have You Corrected the Name of Your Checklist?

red Question mark and green check mark

See the post Check Your Checklist with instructions below. Don't make me send you a personal email telling you to make this correction (which I will do on Friday 9/10 if you still do not have your checklist corrected). It irritates me when I have to remind students over and over to do something I have asked them to do. It will also irritate you when you get to be an educator.

How will you handle your irritation?

How will I handle mine?

A bit of advice. Don't irritate your teachers. Even those who say they hate grades!

Food For Thought - Read This!

Read this short (I add this because so many of you shy away from anything "long") article The Stable Boy and the iPad.

here is an alternate link if the above link causes difficulties:
The Stable Boy and the iPad
Think about the implications for you as a member of the educational profession!

Think about this in terms of your learning!

Think of this when you consider questions of equity and equal access.

Think of this when you consider how small the world is becoming.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Group Assignments Now Complete

group working on computer
Group assignments are now complete and can be found in your Google Docs in two documents: one sorted by last name and one sorted by group name.

If no group name was provided, or if I missed it, your group was named after a President of then United States starting with Washington.

I made a few changes in the groups as a result of my placing 6 students who have done NO work in EDM310 on the EDM310 Inactive Roster.

Check Your Checklist

Checklist problem
Several of the Checklists are not correctly named. There are also a few duplicates. Please check your Checklist and if there are problems correct them as soon as possible. I need them corrected now. Thank you.

Monday, September 6, 2010

C4C Assignment Due 9/12 Now Posted in Google Docs

C4C Assignment Due 9/12 Now in Google Docs
Please see the Master C4C Assignments Fall 2010 in your Google Docs for your new C4C assignment due 9/12. If the student to whom you are assigned has not done their Blog Assignment #2, send an email to (giving the name of the student who has not yet done Blog Assignment #2) and select another student who has done Blog Assignment #2. Comment on the second student.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Delete Your Practice Post

If your practice post is still on your blog, please delete it.
Thank you.

Congratulations But 8 Still Missing

dog asleep
After two weeks all 170 students currently enrolled in EDM310 have a blog. Congratulations!

BUT, 8 students still have not posted to their blog. Their names are listed below. They will probably never see them, but this is formal notice to them that if they have not posted Blog Assignment #1 to their blog by midnight tomorrow they will be placed on my inactive student roster. This is not the football squad, but you understand what that designation means I am sure.

No Posts as of 9/4/10 8:15 am

Noah Brown
Shawanda Bush
Donna Gill
Devern Johnson
Jasmine Marshall
Justin Pipkins
Jennifer Smith
Yulanda Vanterpool

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Testing Your Blog and Spam

can of spam
As part of our "getting started" activities I started testing your blogs to make sure edm310comments was being notified that a new comment had been left on your blog. I was using "canned" text for the test. I soon discovered that my comments were disappearing from your blog. With the assistance of a number of students I have discovered how the new spam filtering system of Blogger works.

To check what is going into Blogger Spam go to your dashboard. Click on Comments under you Blog. Click on the Spam tab. That is where Blogger puts spam. And Blogger thinks anything pasted into a comment constitutes spam.

I now have it figured out. As a result I have changed my test. I am leaving a one sentence message, sometimes not particularly important, indicating that I have read your post. It will also serve as my text.

The lesson for you? Check to see what Blogger is putting into your spam folder.

This is a new feature of Blogger. I have never been troubled by spam in blogger. But now I am defended even though I think no defense is necessary at the moment.