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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Are You Doing So Far?

EDM310 is 27 percent complete
We have completed 27% of the semester. It is hard to believe that over 1/4 of the class has flown by.

How are you doing in getting your work in on time? Most of you are doing quite well!

Here is my latest count on several things you should have done already. I have also reminded you where the instructions are.

1. Your Presentation - Project 5 20 of you (12%) have not embedded your presentation into your blog. It was due a week ago last Sunday (9/12). In addition, two of you embedded it incorrectly. All we see is part of the code. Instructions can be found on p. 17 of the Projects Manual which you can get through the Instruction Manual.

2. Additional Assignment #1 33 of you (20%) have not done the Additional Assignment #1. I suspect that you are NOT reading the Blog every day. Maybe I am wrong (I can't yet collect data on that although I can collect data on when you visit the blog and how long you stay), but one of the reasons that I add Additional Assignments in the Blog is to make sure you are reading the blog regularly. In a Blended Class that is the primary way I have to communicate with you. If you have not yet done this assignment (due last Wednesday 9/15), scroll down to the post Additional Assignment #1 on the Class Blog and do the assignment. While you are on the Class Blog, read all the posts that you have missed. Of course, if you do not read the Class Blog you may never see this post. That would be unfortunate. Maybe a friend will remind you to READ THE CLASS BLOG!

3. Summary of C4T Assignment - You were to have posted a Summary of your reactions to and work in doing the first C4T assignment. 24 of you (15%) have not yet posted your summary. It was due 9/12 (a week ago last Sunday). See p. 15 of the Projects Manual which you can get through the Instruction Manual.

4. Wordle - 14 of you (9%) of you still do not have a working Wordle. It was due 9/5. See p. 7 of the Projects Manual which you can get through the Instruction Manual. Ask for help if that is what is delaying you. The lab is staffed five days a week. Visit it. It helps!

5. Blog Assignment #4 20 of you (12%) did not post Blog Assignment #4 on time. You CANNOT afford to get behind in EDM310.

6. Your Picture and Your Gmail Link 22 of you (14%) do not have your picture either at the top of the small column (preferred) or the large column (acceptable) as the instructions call for. 89 of you (55%) do not have a link that works for your gmail address. Because these numbers are so high I will assume that I am at fault and will redo the instructions. Watch for them. They will appear as a post on the Class Blog later this week.

To those who are late with your work:
Most of you are planning to be teachers. One of the problems you will have is that your students will not do their work on time. You should set a good example for them. If you were employed by me, about 20% of you would be on the street looking for another job. EDM310 should be considered as a primary professional responsibility. Do your work on time!

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  1. Dr. Strange,

    Do you send an e-mail or some other notification to students that you are labeling in this blog? The only reason I ask is because I want to make sure I'm not a part of this group. Thank you for keeping us updated with this class.