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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photograph Your Check to Deposit It

A check
Read this brief article Deposit Checks to Pay Pal Via Mobile Picturesabout Pay Pal's new service. Think about the implications for banks, deposit slip printers, ATM machine manufactures, companies that mail and/or deliver checks, the post office, car dealers (less frequent drives to the bank), the tellers in banks, the US Postal Service, etc.

What else will this change in the banking world? In the economic world in general?

Now think about the changes that are happening right now that will change schools. If you think that tomorrow schools will be like the schools you attended (and probably thought you would be teaching in), you are very wrong. If they can't or don't change they will disappear!

Think about it!

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  1. I clicked on your link to read the article but it keeps opening a new window and your blog shows up.

  2. Well, Dr. Strange. That was brief, thanks. But very important. This article reminded me of the video we watched for blog post 3, "A Vision of Students Today", because everywhere (especially the classrooms) there is a need for efficiency. With technology we can live life more efficiently. Also, we have to remember that life is all about change. This world, from the beginning of time, has been in a constant state of change. We have to roll with the punches and take advantage of change.

  3. I am a little confused about it. So you can take a picture of your check front and back. Then you get the credit in your account? What about fraudulent checks?? People are very creative when it comes to producing checks that are not valid and money that is not "real". What is to stop them from opening a paypal account, taking pictures of "fake" checks and getting goods? I am sure they have some form of defense against this, I just wonder what it is. Possibly a hold on the check funds until the check is receivd in hand? I myself work with direct deposits and if I don't have the money I don't make the purchase. I would think some people will figure a way to float money back and forth. Who knows.

  4. Dr. Strange,

    Recently I saw a bank commercial (I thought it was Bank of America) and they showed where you could insert your check into the ATM and it automatically deposited it and printed you a receipt with a picture of your check on it. Technology is running full steam ahead. It seems that we want things to be as simple and as convenient as possible. Eventually I think that banks will be obsolute in the traditional sense. One day we will live life completely through our computer. I also saw where there was an application for an iphone, I believe and it could lock your car doors and/or crank your car. Schools unfortunately in our region/country will lag behind the world, but there will be a day when kids laugh and ask us did you have books in your class, like my daughter ask about VCRs now or one day a grandchild will ask me, Nana did you really have to write on paper at school, you couldn't just type on your Ipad. Perfect examples of things in classes that are gone (Printed Encyclopedias and Typewriters).

  5. Ms. Miller:
    Wachovia/ Wells fargo installed them in the Mobile area in August.

    Car: Correct. Operates with particular car rental companies in SF and elsewhere.

    Do you remember carbon paper? Have you ever seen it? And mimeograph or duplicating machines?

  6. I am not too sure if I would trust the idea of taking pictures of the front and back of your check and then it automatically deposits, yea it is may be convenient but it still would have me sort of worried. But I have seen it where the Bank of America allows you to make deposits at the atm, and I think that idea may be a little better because im sure they may ask security answers about the account and all. So to conclude all I have to say is that technology is completely taking over.

  7. I do not know that I would trust this, but I think that it is cool. The things that we are able to do now using technology are amazing. Who would have ever thought there might be a day that you wouldn't have to go to the bank to deposit your money. Kinda crazy. Not quite sure what I think about it or whether I would take advantage of it.

  8. I think this is really cool. I had heard about this a few months back when the iPhone 4 was coming out but it had slipped my mind until you brought the subject up. I think it is very interesting. However, I believe that it could be easy to have people steal money or have fraud checks. It is a great idea but I believe needs some tweeking to insure safety and security for those who will use the app.