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Monday, October 4, 2010

Late - Worst Week Yet

Late rabbit running with a watch
Despite my post of last Monday, this week we had even more students not post their Blog Assignment on time. Here are the number of people who did not have their work in on time for the last 4 weeks:

17 9/12
20 9/19
30 9/26
36 10/3


  1. Happy I'm Not One of Those "Teachers"! :)

  2. ...But are your dates correct Mr. Strange, it's just Oct. 4?

  3. he's saying the work that was supposed be done by Oct. 3 not the week of Oct. 3....I think

  4. It's plain and simple; blog posts assignments are due by midnight every Sunday so Dr. Strange was not confused. The only explanation I have for the increase is one word...Bayfest! Lol

  5. I agree Rease, but I went to Bayfest the whole weekend stayed to see the very last show (Nelly) and drove home to Biloxi MS arrived about 10:45ish and still got my blog assignment in on time that night! I mean a week is plenty of time to get an assignment done. I am pretty sure that once we become teachers with our own classroom and the students turn in their work late continuously, it will get quite aggravating.

  6. There are people who worked at bayfest.. I interpreted for acts all weekend and had to brush up on signs before the weekend. I interpreted for shinedown, adelitas way, sick puppies, rehab, skillet, fuel and papa roach.

  7. I was only a month off on the September dates Toni. Not bad for me!

    Thanks for the heads up!. Corrections made.

  8. So, I'm getting better while everyone else is getting worse. That's always the case. Ha, ha!