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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 8 Blog Post - How Did We Do? And Special C4K?

Report Card
About the same:

111 complete and on time
7 partially complete
41 not done by Tue 10/19 8:25 am.

And what about the special C4K assignment to comment on Shawshaw24's blog post?
103 EDM310 students have left a comment for Shawshaw24 as of 8:43 AM Tuesday October 19, 2010. That is 65% of the students still enrolled in the class.

Several questions: 1) As a teacher, how will you respond if 1/3 of your class does not do an assignment of great importance?

Mr. Chamberlain left this comment on Shawshaw24's latest post:

2) "What do we do for the children that don't have the same benefits you have had?" This is a question all of us should consider. Where do our responsibilities start and stop?

Randy Pausch said that he was glad his coach continued to push him harder and harder and that if you stop getting pushed to do better the coach has given up on you. When do we give up? When should we give up? How many resources do we have for those who did not have the benefits that Shawshaw24 has had? When resources are not sufficient, how do we make choices?


  1. I think that as our educator you should push us and demand more from us as your students. However, there is really only so much you can do. You cannot force people to do what they are assigned to do, aside from doing it for them. But I also feel that if I were already an educator, I would not be able to give up on my students until the end of the semester. I would strive for the best, and expect the worst. Even though there is really nothing you can do, I understand the frustration of wanting to help. It's just like the movie Jerry McGuire! Tom Cruise says to Cuba Gooding Jr. "Help me, help you!"

  2. As I said on Shawshaw's post, students should be pushed for them to know their own true potential. Some students are more advanced than others and the only way to have these students learn, is to push them and challenge them. You should never give up on your students and as educators, we should give our students the learning environment they deserve to achieve their personal goals and succeed academically and in life.

  3. I think we should disregard what they are and aren't getting at home and reward students based on achievement. I believe this because achievement can come from any background. Underachievers will then have motivation to achieve and achievers will thrive like plants on miracle grow!

  4. I can't get to the link to do the special C4K, help anyone?