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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good News!

Dean Hayes has approved the purchase of 3 new iMacs like the one now in the lab and 3 equivalent high end PCs for video editing, and screen capture activities. They should arrive very soon. I hope that will be before the next video assignment.

He has also approved the purchase of 5 additional flip cameras, a microphone and several headsets with built in mics.

If you see him, tell him Thanks!


  1. Wow, that is great! It will definitely benefit students when it's time to do podcasts!!

  2. Great! I'll definitely have to say thanks, that's awesome!

  3. That is very cool! It will be nice for students to be able to try some of the available technology before making their own purchases!

    One thing I bought when in 310, at the recommendation of a teacher on the East Coast, was an MP3 recorder. Then, I figured out how to just use my iPod touch with a microphone/headphone combination (I paid $17 for it on Amazon) and recorded my own MP3 files (audio no video) with great ease. That teacher recorded a recap of a lesson or test review, made an MP3 file and then posted it on his class blog. I'm strongly considering that for my future classroom.

    I'm looking forward to any EDM310 feedback on the new tools (smart toys :)) that Dr. Strange procured.

    I hope the semester is going super!

    Jackie Gorski
    an EDM310 alum

  4. That is awesome! I definitely want an iMac!

  5. That's awesome!! Thanks Dean Hayes!!

  6. That's great news!!! Those computers and cameras are very needed and will be loved! Thank you Dr. Strange and Dean Hayes!

  7. YAY!!! The new iMacs are nothing short of amazing. I might have to come into lab just to play! :)

  8. When are those computers going to arrive? We sure do need them in the lab, these PCs have seen finer days!!

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