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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

C4K - Are You Getting Them Done? On time?

taking temperature
How are you doing on leaving comments for your classmates? You have one to do each week. As of midnight last Friday you should have left a comment for at least 5 of your classmates. There are 162 students still enrolled in EDM310. Take a look at these numbers:
14 students have completed None or 1 C4C
8 students have completed only 2 C4C
8 students have completed only 3 C4C
11 students have completed 4 C4C
Everyone else has completed 5 or more C4C. The high is 17 (3 students, sometimes leaving multiple comments or engaged in a dialogue on their own blog)

Where are you on this list? I will be asking you to reflect on this soon. I have the data so my asking is not for my benefit. It is part of my effort to get you to continually honestly engage in self reflection about how you are doing in EDM310. I want YOU to know.


  1. Dr. Strange is this an image of a woman reading a pregnancy test? LOL that is one way to mention timing.

  2. G'day Dr Strange,
    Some of your students have been leaving comments on blogs from my students. My kids are asking are these real comments,mainly because they have not had any before from a university.

    Well done to your students who are extending themselves with their commenting.

    We still need some blogging challenge helpers to be in charge of commenting on about 20 blogs throughout the challenge - maybe your students would be interested?

    The blogs are from students aged 11-14.

  3. Hi tasteach,
    I am in the EDM310 class this semester with Dr. Strange. I would be happy to comment on the student's blogs. Just send me some names and/or blog sites and I will start.
    Jennifer Inscore

  4. Martha - I was wondering the same thing! I laughed when I saw that picture.

  5. I scrolled over the picture, and I laughed when I read the Title... How funny, but so true!