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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All Surveys Released for Distribution

census form

In order to clear the Survey Forms backlog, you are free to send yours.

Make a decision as to whether you think you think your form is ready to go. You will send it to the Group you are in as listed in the Survey Groups Docs that you now have. Instructions on how to send the survey are at the top of Column C in the Survey Groups Doc.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid:
1. Separate First Name and Last Name. If you just ask for Name you will not be able to alphabetize by last name.
2. Avoid Text responses unless absolutely necessary. Text answers must be processed by you by hand for analysis. For example, instead of asking What car do you own with a TEXT question, make a list (Multiple Choice which is really pick ONE). Add Other at end (with blank).
3. Be sure you have a complete set of answers. For example How old (in years) is your cat? with these possible answers is incomplete:
Under 5
5 to 10
11 to 15
You must add Over 15 years to have a complete set
4. If you use the conditional response features, be sure you know where you go if you answer a question in a particular way.
5. Use consistent response sets. For example if you ask? What is your favorite toy? And provide these possible responses your set is not a single set.
A red one
One with wheels
One that makes a noise
It is possible for a single toy to have all of these attributes. The first answer involves color. The second motion. The third sounds. You are combining three sets. Make sure it is only one set and that it is complete. You can always make sure it is complete by adding Other. For example if you ask Where do you live? and offer these possibilities
Detached House
Duplex or Town House

you would miss
House Boat
Under a bridge
I have no permanent place of residence

Other would cover all of these but it would still be better to list them if you think of them. Still you should all Other. They may live in a Cave or a Tree House.

If you would like your survey personally reviewed, consult with someone in the Lab IN PERSON.


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