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Friday, May 31, 2013

EDM310 Star Stars in Star Wars at Disneyworld

Congratulations Elizabeth Brooks! Lab Professional in EDM310. Or is she headed to Hollywood?

Elizabeth Brooks at Disneyworld in Star Wars Costume

Elizabeth as seen on the Disney Parks Blog!


C4T#1 Assignments should now be in your Google Docs. If you cannot find the C4T Assignments Doc, be sure you have clicked on More on the left. Then click on All items.

Click on moreThen on all items

C4C#1 and #2 should be in your Google Docs. They are both in the same Doc which is named C4C Assignments Summer 2013. Switch between C4C#1 and C4C#2 with the Tab at the bottom left of the page. The assignments are actually the same in this particular case except for the C4C number, the Blog Post number, and the Due Date.
Click on a Tab to select a page

I have added links in the far right column of the Master Checklist that should be useful to you in going to the Blog Assignments, Activities or project Instructions.

I have added June 4 as a REQUIRED ATTENDANCE DATE.

I sent you a Gmail with instructions covering how to find your pictures to be added to your Blog.

Watch for more changes. This is an experimental semester.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Sentences

My Sentence is...

My Passion Is...

Theses are examples of what I expect your Project #7 to be like. It should be embedded in your blog by midnight Wednesday June 12,2013.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Welcome to the Summer 2013 EDM310

Chagall window, Chicago Institute of Art


I have thoroughly revised EDM310 for the Summer 2013 term. It should be considered an experimental semester. Here are the major things that I have changed:
1. I no longer spend time trying to convince students that they will have to use technology in their classroom. There are two reasons for this. First, fewer and fewer students are unwilling to admit that technology will play a significant role in their classrooms. Second, Mobile and Baldwin counties, especially Baldwin County, are expanding the use of technology in their classrooms.The word is getting around that technology will be part of all teachers classroom lives.
2. I am now going to emphasize the use of the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards (the Common Core) since all schools in Alabama are now required to implement the ACCRS in Math and Science and English Language Arts (the rest of the curriculum) beginning in the fall 2013 term.
3. I am going to emphasize the use of Project Based Learning. I have been a user of PBL since my second year of teaching (1966-67). EDM310 has always been a Project Based Course but I am requiring students to prepare to teach that way themselves.
4. I will model the PBL methods being implemented in Baldwin County in all EDM310 mandatory classes. I will Ask Questions rather than Tell Answers.
5. I have added a digital "text book" on Project Based Learning.
6. I have added 3 projects that involve the creation of project based learning activities using technology as tools in those projects.
7. I have created more collaborative work assignments for students.

Since EDM310 has undergone a major revision, the Syllabus, Blog Instruction Manual, and Projects Instruction manual will go through many iterations this semester. Be alert. Watch for revisions. In fact, a few sections of the Project and Blog Assignment Manuals are still being prepared.

I love experiments. I hope you like them too!

The current versions of the class materials are now available through the links to the right under Essential Materials for Students and Visitors. New versions will appear frequently this summer. Watch for them!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An International Blog Started by Student in Fairhope

The power of blogging at work!

Image of the blog Many People

Mr. Justin Cometti, History teacher at Fairhope High and a graduate of the "new" EDM310, sent me this email:
IB student junior Maggie Davis of Fairhope High School has created an international blog as her self-initiated and global CAS project for IB. She has spent countless hours creating and managing this site for IB students from about a dozen countries to share their cultures through writings, photos, and even skyping. Almost daily, she is adding new students as writers from around the world as well as from our own school. Maggie has launched an exciting and, I hope, permanent IB project for our current and future IB students. A buzz has started about it among our IB students, so share it with others if you like.

I have included the link to the blog, called Many People, below so that you can check it out, write comments, and appreciate Maggie's creativity and dedication to this outstanding project!

Why not join the conversation and leave a few comments yourself! The blog is called Many People