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Friday, May 31, 2013


C4T#1 Assignments should now be in your Google Docs. If you cannot find the C4T Assignments Doc, be sure you have clicked on More on the left. Then click on All items.

Click on moreThen on all items

C4C#1 and #2 should be in your Google Docs. They are both in the same Doc which is named C4C Assignments Summer 2013. Switch between C4C#1 and C4C#2 with the Tab at the bottom left of the page. The assignments are actually the same in this particular case except for the C4C number, the Blog Post number, and the Due Date.
Click on a Tab to select a page

I have added links in the far right column of the Master Checklist that should be useful to you in going to the Blog Assignments, Activities or project Instructions.

I have added June 4 as a REQUIRED ATTENDANCE DATE.

I sent you a Gmail with instructions covering how to find your pictures to be added to your Blog.

Watch for more changes. This is an experimental semester.

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