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Friday, November 29, 2013

Foliotek Instructions

USA Logo

1. You must have registered for Foliotek unless you are exempt. The following are exempt from using Foliotek: a) those seeking only recertification or license renewal; 2) students who are not seeking candidacy status; students who are not Education majors. Foliotek costs $ 35 for one year. NOTE: Several students who are in their first semester at USA report they are not being charged for Foliotek. If this happens to you - just smile. At least for the time being. Your smile may not last long, however. They usually bill you later.

To register and pay for Foliotek follow these instructions:
a. When using Foliotek use Chrome or Explorer browsers ONLY.
b.Go to the USA Online Login page.
b. Login. Your User ID is your J number. Your password is the last 4 digits of your social security number.
c. Click on Sakai. Then click on a class which requires the use of Foliotek. Then click Foliotek in the left column. If you have not established a Foliotek account, do so. You will have to pay by credit card. After all information has been entered you will have to Accept the Foliotek rules, etc.
2. Once you have registered and paid for Foliotek and Accepted the Foliotek rules, etc. you will be able to post to Foliotek.

Think of Foliotek as a storage device in the sky where you will store evidence of your accomplishments in the College of Education. Every course you take in the COE has state established standards which you must meet. You must store the evidence used to determine whether or not you have met these standards in Foliotek where anyone desiring to can see that evidence. Your instructors will provide detailed instructions of what evidence must be submitted for what standards. You then place electronic copies of that evidence in Foliotek.

In EDM310 all of your evidence for all of the standards associated with EDM310 is in your blog and the EDM310 Class Blog. Therefore your blog and the Class Blog are what "go" into Foliotek. Since your evidence consists entirely of blogs we only have to provide Foliotek with links - links to your blog and the Class Blog. Therefore completing the Foliotek requirements for EDM310 is quick and easy.

You will need:
1. A list of the standards associated with EDM310. They are:

Literacy: Oral and Written Communications (3)(c) 1.(iii)
Literacy: Technology (3)(c) 4.(i)
Literacy: Technology (3)(c) 4.(ii)
Literacy: Technology (3)(c) 4.(vi)
Professionalism: Ethics (5)(c) 5.(ii)
Professionalism: Ethics (5)(c) 5.(iv)
For Elementary Majors ONLY: General Special Education: 290-3-3-.34 (2)(g)2.(iii)

Note that the standards are grouped into Literacy, Professionalism and Teaching K-6(for General Special Education). (There are other groups.) Also note that there is one small letter i (or two or three of them) at the end of the numbering system. These are VERY IMPORTANT. Be sure you pay attention to them!

2. You will need the URL to your blog and the URL for the Class Blog ( )

3. Then follow the instructions in Foliotek Instructions.

4. After you have completed Foliotek, your entries must be checked in person by one of the EDM310 staff members. This is an ABSOLUTE requirement and it must be done in class before 4 pm Thursday December 5, 2013. If one of us does not sign off on your Foliotek entries in person you will get an I in the course. And if you do not complete Foliotek (which is a GREAT hassle for you and an even greater hassle for Dr. Strange) no later than Friday January 31, 2013 your I will become an F no matter what you would have gotten in the course.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lab Hours Thanksgiving Week

We have extended Lab Hours this week since the Final Projects are due at the start of class next week.

Open and Closed Hours

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Creating a Movie for an iBook from YouTube

If you are creating an iBook and do not have the original movie files you can create a widget in order to use your YouTube videos in your iBook. To create a widget you need to create a free account through After creating an account you will create a book that you are writing within the Bookshelf tab. After creating your book then add a widget. For every YouTube video you would like to use you need to create a new widget on Bookry. Once you have created your widget you will need to save and then click download. After the widget has been downloaded you can just drag and drop these widgets into your iBook. All you need to create the widgets is the URL for the YouTube video.

Lindsey Estes

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time Extended

time extended
I have changed the due date of the SMARTboard Part B (Project #12) Due Date to November 24. This extension has been made because I changed the Mandatory Class dates.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dr. Strange Visits Mrs. Yollis' Class

On Friday November 1, 2013 I had the great pleasure of visiting the famous 3rd Grade Class of Mrs. Yollis. Mrs. Yollis is famous in EDM310 (and around the world). Her Class Blog won the Edublog Best Class Blog Award in 2012 and 2011. She inspired the post How's Your A? Some of You Will Not Make It Through the 3rd Grade!

The students interviewed me, asking excellent questions. They then demonstrated how they blogged using their Macs and iPads, how they typed (a lot faster than I do!), how they worked together in teams, how they captured and edited video, how they animated posts and drawings on their iPads. I wish all of you could have visited the class. It was exciting to see the learning that was taking place! And I was excited to finally meet the wonderful Mrs. Yollis and her students!

Mrs. Yollis' Class
Mrs. Yollis' Students Interview Dr. Strange

Finding images
Selecting Images for a Blog


Mrs. Yollis demonstrates
Mrs. Yollis Demonstrating

C4K Special Instructions

Dr. Strange and Mrs. Yollis

We end our C4K activities for the Fall 2013 Semester with several special assignments. This week we will leave comments on class blogs for Mrs. Jenny She, Mr. Marks, and Ms. George all of whom teach at Pt. England School in New Zealand. We will also leave comments on individual student blogs in Mrs. Cassidy's first grade class in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. And we will leave comments on the class blog of Mrs. Yollis. Be sure you read my post about Mrs. Yollis and her rejection of comments because they did not meet third grade standards: How's Your A? Some of You Will Not Make It Through the 3rd Grade! Don't let that happen to you!

In addition, the way you will do your C4K this week will change. Most of you will be commenting on posts on a Class Blog. The title of the post is specified in the C4K instructions. Find the corresponding title in the Blog Archive column, click on it, read the post and watch the videos (if any) or the video specified in the instructions. Leave your comment for the Class.

Some of you will be leaving comments for individual students. If you are to leave a comment for a first grader in Mrs. Cassidy's class, comment on at least two of the student's posts. If you are commenting on the blog of a student in Mr. Mark's class, follow the normal C4K procedures.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

iCurio Access Expired And What About Project #15?

Because Project #15 was delayed iCurio expired before the due date which was changed. Therefore any of the following will be acceptable:

1. Individual plan not requiring access to iCurio to create it. If already done, I can still access iCurio so the Learning Plan will be OK.
2; Individual SMARTboard lesson (but would be more sensible to do a SMARTBoard collaborative lesson which would mean that SMARTboard B (Project #12B) and Project #15 could be the same Project.
3. A SMARTBoard collaborative esso which would mean that SMARTboard B (Project #12) and Project #15 could be the same Project.

I have revised the Project Instructions. We are now using Version 7.