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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Getting Very Close! 175 Visitors to 100,000!

At 1:54 am CDT today (August 30, 2013) we were 175 visitors shy of 100,000 visitors to this EDM310 Blog since January 9, 2010.

speeding train

In the last 4 1/2 hours (since 3:25 this morning) we have had visitors from Indonesia, Great Britain (two), California, and New Jersey as well as Alabama and Mississippi!

We will pass 100,000 visitors sometime today or tomorrow!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Blog Post Assignments Changed


I have corrected the instructions in the Blog Post Assignments (now Version 4) to reflect the "clarifications" that I have posted in the two posts immediately below this post. Consult the new instructions and my "clarifications" for more information on how to do group posts.

Thanks for all the good questions that helped me get things better organized!

More Clarification of Cooperative Posts

Clarify - boy with magnifying glass
See the post below this one.

In addition let me try to be even more specific. For the JOINT effort (in this case Mr. Dancealot), you jointly write the post. I suggest you do this in Google docs since it works well for this type of activity. Despite any statement to the contrary, you do not have to share this doc with me unless I explicitly ask you to do so. I will only make this request if there are problems in the group such as non-participation or late participation by a group member.

Create a document. Share with your group. Agree on a joint effort. If there is a dissent, that dissenter creates his/her own response. This post (written by the group) is then placed FIRST on everyone's blog post.

For the individual parts, write your part. Share it with your group for proofreading, correction, general help. It is YOUR work, however. Place it immediately below the group's work on your blog. (This applies to everyone).

Follow your part of the post with the corrected/revised portions of the assignment that were done by the other members of your group.

Your post will then look like this:
Part 1: Jointly Written Part;
Part 2: Your contribution (after review by partners);
Part 3 Other group member (after review by partners);
Part 4 etc.

As you can see the team must NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THESE ASSIGNMENTS. If a member of your group does not do their work according to the group's agreed upon schedule, publish the parts that are done and note in the post that X's part was not done at the time agreed to by the group as a whole (majority rule). This also applies to the group writing. List as authors ONLY THOSE WHO ACTUALLY PARTICIPATED IN WRITING THE JOINT POST.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Clarification of Group Blog Posts

Request for clarification

This question is a very important one that was left on Facebook yesterday:

Kristie Bell
Hey, I have a question about blog post #2 because I am just really confused. I know that we are suppose to do our group part in google docs and all the revising there! What I don't understand is if we are suppose to write about the Mr. Dancealot video in our blogger and post it separately? Or should we post it in google doc as well?
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John Strange

Blog post assignments are ALWAYS posted on the Blog. In this case you create a joint commentary on Dancealot. That is posted at the top of everyone's blog post and shown as a joint commentary (by X, Y and Z). The other parts are done individually (by X... or what) but reviewed and corrected by all members of the group (and publicly objected to if you differ on your conclusions-like a dissent in a Supreme Court case). You put your contribution FIRST (just below Dancealot) followed by the other two posts. There is NO NEED to share your Google Doc with me or anyone outside your group.

Thanks Kristie for asking for this clarification!

Monday, August 26, 2013

562 Visitors to 100,000

At 4:20 am CDT today (August 28, 2013) we were 562 visitors shy of 100,000 visitors since January 9, 2010.

speeding train

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blogpost Assignments Changed

As I said in the Syllabus and in class, all class materials are subject to change. I have made a change to the Blogpost Assignments and you will see that Version 2 is now listed in the column to the right that the latest version is Version 2.

Why the change?

Two students reported the link to the Penn State Time Management post no longer worked. I changed it to Joe Landsberger's Study Guide on Time Management.

When you deal with documents on the Internet you will find that changes in links occur quite often. I depend on my students to let me know when that happens.

Thanks to Kaley and Jordan!

Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 William Chamberlain Award Goes to Jacey Blaire Chandler

Jacey Blaire Chandler

Congratulations to Jacey Blaire Chandler, winner of the first William Chamberlain Technology Teaching Award. The award this year was for $300. It is awarded to a student who has taken EDM310 and who demonstrates an outstanding enthusiasm for and the ability in using technology in their teaching.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Welcome Fall 2013 EDM310 Students

Welcome! We are about to start our fourth year of the "new and revised" EDM310.

The Syllabus and other instructional materials are now available. You will find the links in the column on the right under Essential Materials for Students and Visitors.

Some documents are rather large so be patient while they download. You will get a clue about how effective your internet service is when you download the Syllabus.

Nearing 100,000 Visitors

Scroll down and find the maps indicating where our visitors reside. If you click on the top map you will see that as of 4:37 am today (9/17/13) we have had 98,646 visitors since January 9, 2010. When we hit 100,000 (which will happen very soon) we will have a celebration. Take a look at where the last 10 visitors (as of the time I write this) live:

Recent Visitors

Half were from states other than Alabama and Mississippi!

Here is an update as of 10:38 am Monday August 19, 2013:
Recent Visitors

Thailand, Sweden and Australia are in this list! And New York, Louisiana and Florida as well. EDM310 attracts international attention!