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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Welcome Fall 2013 EDM310 Students

Welcome! We are about to start our fourth year of the "new and revised" EDM310.

The Syllabus and other instructional materials are now available. You will find the links in the column on the right under Essential Materials for Students and Visitors.

Some documents are rather large so be patient while they download. You will get a clue about how effective your internet service is when you download the Syllabus.

Nearing 100,000 Visitors

Scroll down and find the maps indicating where our visitors reside. If you click on the top map you will see that as of 4:37 am today (9/17/13) we have had 98,646 visitors since January 9, 2010. When we hit 100,000 (which will happen very soon) we will have a celebration. Take a look at where the last 10 visitors (as of the time I write this) live:

Recent Visitors

Half were from states other than Alabama and Mississippi!

Here is an update as of 10:38 am Monday August 19, 2013:
Recent Visitors

Thailand, Sweden and Australia are in this list! And New York, Louisiana and Florida as well. EDM310 attracts international attention!

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