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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Clarification of Group Blog Posts

Request for clarification

This question is a very important one that was left on Facebook yesterday:

Kristie Bell
Hey, I have a question about blog post #2 because I am just really confused. I know that we are suppose to do our group part in google docs and all the revising there! What I don't understand is if we are suppose to write about the Mr. Dancealot video in our blogger and post it separately? Or should we post it in google doc as well?
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John Strange

Blog post assignments are ALWAYS posted on the Blog. In this case you create a joint commentary on Dancealot. That is posted at the top of everyone's blog post and shown as a joint commentary (by X, Y and Z). The other parts are done individually (by X... or what) but reviewed and corrected by all members of the group (and publicly objected to if you differ on your conclusions-like a dissent in a Supreme Court case). You put your contribution FIRST (just below Dancealot) followed by the other two posts. There is NO NEED to share your Google Doc with me or anyone outside your group.

Thanks Kristie for asking for this clarification!

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