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Friday, August 30, 2013

More Clarification of Cooperative Posts

Clarify - boy with magnifying glass
See the post below this one.

In addition let me try to be even more specific. For the JOINT effort (in this case Mr. Dancealot), you jointly write the post. I suggest you do this in Google docs since it works well for this type of activity. Despite any statement to the contrary, you do not have to share this doc with me unless I explicitly ask you to do so. I will only make this request if there are problems in the group such as non-participation or late participation by a group member.

Create a document. Share with your group. Agree on a joint effort. If there is a dissent, that dissenter creates his/her own response. This post (written by the group) is then placed FIRST on everyone's blog post.

For the individual parts, write your part. Share it with your group for proofreading, correction, general help. It is YOUR work, however. Place it immediately below the group's work on your blog. (This applies to everyone).

Follow your part of the post with the corrected/revised portions of the assignment that were done by the other members of your group.

Your post will then look like this:
Part 1: Jointly Written Part;
Part 2: Your contribution (after review by partners);
Part 3 Other group member (after review by partners);
Part 4 etc.

As you can see the team must NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THESE ASSIGNMENTS. If a member of your group does not do their work according to the group's agreed upon schedule, publish the parts that are done and note in the post that X's part was not done at the time agreed to by the group as a whole (majority rule). This also applies to the group writing. List as authors ONLY THOSE WHO ACTUALLY PARTICIPATED IN WRITING THE JOINT POST.

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