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Monday, October 25, 2010

Project 15

Project 15
The START Date for Project 15 is today 10/25. It is DUE 11/21.

You will also BEGIN your FINAL PROJECT on 11/1 and it is due 12/5 with a progress report due 11/14. You also have other projects and assignments to work on. So you will be working on several projects at once.You cannot wait until the last minute to do things!

I have described project 15 in detail in the latest revision of the Instruction Manual - Projects. It takes up too much space to describe what you must do here. So:
1) IMMEDIATELY consult Project 15 in the Instruction Manual - Projects which I just REVISED. If you do not get the October 25 Version 1.5, REFRESH the URL.
2) Start thinking - NOW - about what you will do.
3) Complete the description of your project when you receive a Form on Wednesday October 27.
Problems Again
Google, and even my Mac account both rebelled when I tried to email the form and/or the link to the form about project #15. I guess this is a real crackdown on spam. I like that, but it sure does cause me difficulties. Hopefully you have gotten an email with a direct link to the form. You may have gotten more than one email. Choose the one with a link to the FORM. If you did not, email me! Thanks.


  1. I can't get the file to open through the old or new link. It tells me the file is damaged. Could you repost?

  2. The link works fine for me. Maybe your Adobe Reader is damaged and you need to reinstall it. I have sent you an email with the Projects Manual attached. If it does not open, reinstall Adobe Reader on your computer.

  3. OK Dr. Strange. I'm actively thinking.

  4. Dr. Strange,

    I have not received the form that you said we would get today....

  5. Yes, I never received the form either!