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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mr. Chamberlain Needs Some Help

Third Grade Class Noel Elementary (Missouri)
Mr. Chamberlain sent via Twitter: "I would love some #comments4kids on this third grade singing post It's A Grand Old Flag! (1:30) and Boo (:35)"

OK EDM310. Let's leave some comments on Mr. C's Blog. Just click the link above, listen, leave a comment on Mr. C's blog where you listen to the kids! Thanks!


  1. Thanks for post, John and thanks to everyone that leaves a comment. The kids are really excited about the attention.

  2. These were awesome performances, it's very rare that you have kids to perform songs and know every word and sing with such enthusiasm. I look forward to seeing more!

  3. 22 student comments in 2 days! Thanks guys!

  4. It is so assume to see children so involved in music. A lot of people may feel as though it is not important, but it really is. I enjoyed watching them perform, and I can not wait to see more.

  5. Mr. Chamberlain,

    This is absolutely amazing but what would be even more amazing is, if you or an apprentice could take this idea to a national level. I hope that one day, or maybe it is better to say that I dream that one day my daughter will come home with a permission slip requesting to join the school's virtual band or choir. How amazing would that be? I hate that we are so traditional here in the South of Alabama but I am about to graduate and shake the south up. Hopefully one day my stories will be as inspiring as yours. I hope that your choir has received the praise that they definetly deserve.

    Shellie Miller