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Sunday, September 12, 2010

C4K Starts

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Comments4Kids starts this week. Tomorrow you will have the first two assignments for C4K. The C4K is one of your most important activities in EDM310. Your field work with actual students begins.

Your first assignment will be with Mr. Chamberlain's 8th grade at the Noel Elementary School in Noel, MO. It is a poor school in a poor, rural area of southwest Missouri. The major employer is a chicken processing plant. Mr. Chamberlain is my mentor from whom I learned the importance of blogging and commenting on blogs. He is looking forward to your participation in his class as you learn to be a professional educator.

These are the first blog posts these students have ever done. They are beginning bloggers, just like most of you!

As in any activity you will undertake, you must be prepared. That takes time. There is no magic 5 minute fix to be a teacher. On the C4K sheet I have listed several steps which you must follow to prepare for C4K. Do them all. In addition, I have provided you with a very brief overview of Mr. Chamberlain, his school and his class. There is much more to learn. Explore. Share what you find.

And be on time with your comments. Just like you, Mr. Chamberlain's kids will be very disappointed if they do not get a comment on their blog when others do. Do your C4K assignment on time. Or even early!

Follow the good commenting rules of Mr. Chamberlain (a link to them is on the assignment sheet) and Mrs. Yollis (a link is in the Projects Manual). Read the assignments the kids had. Links are on the assignment document. Remember, what you leave is a permanent trail of your intellectual journey.

Good luck as you start your apprenticeship in the field of education. Ask any member of the instructional staff for assistance if you need it.

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