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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Additional Assignment #1 Due 9/15

AA number 1
From time to time additional assignments will be made through posts such as this one. We do this for several reasons:
1. We encounter additional material or opportunities for learning.
2. We change our mind about previously announced assignments.
3. We want to make sure that you are reading the class blog every day. We have no other way to reach the entire class. It is critical that you read the class blog every day! You should also check your Gmail every day. Sometimes I use that way to contact you rather than the Class Blog. Stay alert and tuned in!

Here is your Additional Assignment #1:
1. Watch the movie EDM310 Additional Assignment #1 Edited for You Tube or the original Additional Assignment #1 Material edited out of the You Tube version is contained in this post so you will not miss anything if you watch the You Tube version and read this post. The You Tube version is 03:55 shorter than the original version. I had to get under 10 minutes for You Tube. If it is not available yet, be patient. You Tube can sometimes take up to 6 hours to post video because if the enormous amount of video being uploaded each hour. You will (or already have) encountered this information in one of the assignments for this week. Did you notice?
2. Do at least 3 google squared searches, two of which must be other than the examples provided by Google Squared
3. Do at least 2 WolframAlpha searches
4. Create a post (titled Additional Assignment #1) in which you address all of the following

a. What are the educational implications of searches such as Google Squared provides?
b. What are the educational implications of searches such as WolframAlpha provides?
c. Did you know about Google Squared before this assignment?
d. Did you know about Wolfram Alpha before this assignment?
e. Reread your comments about Did You Know. Have my comments altered your thinking about anything you saw, heard, read, or reported for the Did You Know assignment? If not, say so. If so, describe how in as much detail as necessary.
f. What did you learn from this exercise about how you react to and deal with "statistics"?

6. Using WolframAlpha, find where the Pitcairn Islands are. Take a screen shot. Include it in your post.

Suggestion. Try the Mac in the lab to do your screenshot. Any of the lab assistants will talk you through it. It is exceptionally easy. Write your post anywhere you want. Publish it. Then in the lab do the WolframAlpha search. Take a screenshot. Edit your post and add the screenshot to it. The alt should be Pitcairn Islands map" The title should be: " Screenshot by Your Name"

Still more...

7. This assignment is due no later than midnight Wednesday 9/15. Add it to your Checklist. Here's how:
a. Open your checklist.
b. Click on the number 38 in row 38. This selects the entire row.
c. Insert ... Row above
d. Click in cell E38. Then hold the shift key down and click in cell G38. This selects cells E, F and G 38. Then with these 3 cells selected, click on the merge icon (has line with two arrowheads pointing left and right - 3rd from the right). This will make one cell out of three.
e. In that cell type Additional Assignment #1. Color it green when you complete it on time (due 9/15 even though in 9/12 section. Do it by 9/12 if possible). Late (color red) only if completed after midnight 9/15

And more, and more, and more:
8. Has your group selected a podcast topic? See the first post below.
9. Have you corrected the name of your Checklist (if necessary). See the second post below.
10. Have you read the Food For Thought post? If not, do so. Then in the post required for this additional assignment, write one sentence which describes your reaction to the article that you are asked to read in Food For Thought.

That's all for now.

HOWEVER, read the Class Blog EVERY DAY! Read ALL of the posts. Don't skip any!

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