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Friday, September 17, 2010

iPad Users

You may have noticed that you can access the .pdf files for EDM310 (Syllabus, Instruction Manual, Projects, Blog Assignments, Calendar, ALTandTITLE and Activities) but that links to URLs in these .pdf documents do not work.

I am working with Apple now (that is what the previous post is all about) to get those links working. In the meantime you can add them - as books - to your iBooks app on your iPad and when you open them there the links will work.

Here's how to add them as books:
1. Make sure you have the iBooks app. It is free. If you do not have it, Search for iBooks and add that app to your iPad.
2. On your computer, save all of the .pdf documents listed above on your desktop. When you open the document go to File...Save and be sure you are saving to desktop or some other place where you will be able to find them.
3. Open iTunes. File...Add to all the .pdf files

They will go into the Books area on iTunes. Make sure you have set iTunes and the iPad to Sync books. Click for Sync Help.

If you have trouble, call me.

I hope to hear about a better solution soon. We may have to wait for the iPad to get iOS Version 4.2 in November.

1 comment:

  1. I love Apple, but sometimes I don't understand their thought process.

    I add all of my .PDFs to iBooks anyways, but I wish you could do more with them. I have a number of books (and textbooks) in .PDF form, and oh how I wish you could highlight, bookmark, and add notes like you can with the books purchased in the iBook Store.

    There are a number of .PDF reader applications, but I really don't feel like putting out the money for something that Apple is sure to do eventually. Maybe?