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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Add Your Picture to Your Blog Profile

Profile Link
Here's how:

Go to the Class Blog.

On the right, just under Instruction Manual, click on Click on the Emergency Access to the Instructon Manual.

At the top of the light blue area, click on your class in the Subpage(s) list

At the right, click on the Down Arrow. This will download your picture to your computer. On a PC it will (probably) go into the Pictures folder. On a Mac it will go into the Downloads folder.

Go to your blog.

In the upper right you will see your name with a down arrow. Click on the Down arrow.

Click on Blogger Profile

Click on Edit Profile in the Upper Right

In the area where it says Profile Photo, click on From your computer and choose your picture which should be in the location specified above. It will be named YouLastName,YourFirstName.jpg, e.g. Baxter, Alecia.jpg

It will upload and appear in the Profile page and on your Blog

VERY IMPORTANT: Scroll all the way down and click on Save Profile on the Left.

In a yellow bar near the top of the Profile page it will say "Your settings have been saved" and there will be a link to "View Updated profile". Click on that link to check it out.

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