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Friday, February 21, 2014

Schedule Change

Change of Plans
I have decided that since the classes this semester seem to be doing much better than in the past I will change the MANDATORY CLASS Requirement next week to only one meeting. I seriously thought about eliminating all mandatory meetings next week. I may still do so. Watch the Class Blog for more details.

As of now mandatory class meetings next week will be

Section 701 (TT 11-12:15) will meet THURSDAY 11-12:15
Section 702 (TT 2-3:15) will meet THURSDAY 2-3:15
Section 703 (MW 4-5:15) will meet WEDNESDAY 4-5:15
Section 704 (W 6-8:30 pm) will meet WEDNESDAY 6-7:15 pm

If there are any further changes I will announce them on the Class Blog.

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