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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fog Is Lifting A Bit

Fog lifting over the Hudson River

The fog is lifting - a bit. There are now only 5 students (3%) who apparently have not created their blog. At least I do not have a working URL for them. And only 15 others (9%) have not yet posted Blog Assignment #1 which was due last Sunday at midnight.

That means I am waiting on 20 students (12%) in order to start C4C.

It sometimes takes patience when you are an educator. But after a while it runs out.


  1. Dr. Strange! Does your class need a pep talk about organization, not waiting until the last minute, and not rolling their eyes when you tell them to do something because this class is really awesome and is a life-changing experience if you want it to be one?

  2. Thanks, Nicole. You just gave the pep talk!