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Friday, August 27, 2010

Many Questions! Maybe You Need These Answers

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Blog Assignments
A number of students have asked about Blog Assignments. They can't find them. The answer: everything is in the Instruction Manual or there are links from there to everything. If you have not thoroughly looked at the Instruction Manual, do so NOW. There is a link to Blog Assignments on p. 4 (Table of Contents) and in the section on Blog Assignments starting on p. 6 of the Instruction Manual.

A number of PC users (It's easier on a Mac. Have I said that before?) have asked how to get their Wordle into a blog post. The complete directions are in Project Instructions (Project #2). The link to Project Instructions is also in the Instruction Manual (p. 4 and p.8). When you open Project Instructions you will find the Table of Contents on p. 4 and the Wordle instructions on pp. 7-15. What is apparently confusing some students is that they do not know the meaning of IMG. It means Image or Picture. That should clarify what you need to do. I have modified the Project Instructions (now version 1.1) to make it clear that IMG stands for image or picture.

I have had lots of questions about C4T. I have just reread my instructions on p. 7 of the Instruction Manual. I fail to see how I could have been more clear but let me emphasize a few things:
1. You comment on a teacher's blog post (assignments are in your Google Docs) beginning this week. Then you skip a week and comment on the same teacher again.
2. The teacher to whom you are assigned will change after your second comment on that teacher.
3. When that happens you must write a summary of the two posts you read (major emphasis) and your comments (minor emphasis) and put that summary in a separate post on your blog.
4. If I were doing this assignment, after leaving my first comment I would create a new post for my blog, summarize the teacher's first post that I read and my comments. I would then SAVE the post instead of publishing it. After I had left my second comment for this teacher I would go to my Dashboard, Edit Posts, Edit the saved post about the teacher, add my comments on the second post of the teacher as well as my comment and rewrite if necessary to make the post coherent and flow well. Then I would publish the post.
5. Two weeks later the process starts over again with a different teacher.

There are other instructions which are important. Re-read the instructions about Comments on p.7 of the Instruction Manual.

Somehow I feel that some of you may not have fully digested the Instruction Manual. It is Instruction Central and deserves your full attention.

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