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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome Fall 2010 EDM310 Class

Welcome. A revised Syllabus, the current version of the Instruction Manual, and a variety of other essential documents are now available. Some of these documents are very large and may take 2 or 3 minutes to download.

Instruction Manual
Project Instructions
Required Activities Instructions
Introduction to EDM 310
EDM310 Is Different (Coming Soon)


  1. Congratulations to all of you future teachers that have the privilege of learning under Dr. Strange. Open your minds to learning everything and more, in ways that YOU will get to determine. Take in the entire EDM310 experience. Collaborate with your colleagues. Don't set the bar for yourself, just go as far as you can. If you do just that, then a top grade will be easy to earn. Don't focus on the A, focus on the experience of learning with few boundaries. Now don't get the wrong idea that the recipie for success in this course includes "let it happen." The recipe for success includes what you put into it. Discipline, desire, and determination make this a class that you'll want to take again. Now is a great time to prepare the technology aspect of your future classroom. Right now you have the time to begin outlining your technology plan and get some things in place for your professional life. Have Dr. Strange tell you his secrets. He has tons of them!

    Get ready to enjoy the ride.

    An EDM310 Alumni,

    Jackie Gorski

    PS - Dr. Strange has had no input to this. I really wanted to share this with the new folks, since I'm an oldie.