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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project 14 - Some Possibilities

There are no rules for this project except to demonstrate your skills in using the tools assigned for this course. Be imaginative. be daring. Must be collaborative.
If you need ideas, I'll offer some.
1. Give the class a lesson on using a SmartBoard using the Smartboard.
2. Want to know how to create a web page? Look back at EDM310 3years ago. Or Google it.
3. Do a funny movie about EDM310. Watch EDM310 for Dummies now accessible in iTunes U (University of South Alabama) and available soon on the EDM 310 Class Podcast Page.
4. Summarize the comments about an Honest Reflection and make a Google Presentation covering the various positions espoused and adding your analysis and commentary.
5. Do the same for the Grades discussion.
6. Several students contend that they learn better in a group (a class). Explore the evidence to support that contention and give a report on it.
7. The iPad will be out April 3. get one and use it. Identify its strengths and weaknesses as an instructional tool.
8. Look at Sir Ken Robinson's TED speeches. (He has more than one in the TED library). Create your own speech and record it.
9. Do a presentation using the technique Wendy Drexler used. (or Mr. Needleman or Dr. Wesch or Dr. Miller or Dan Brown)
10. Do a comedy routine about an important subject. One I thought of is A Flight School. Customer enters (N.E. Time) and wants a pilot's license. Curriculum described. Says only 2 hours a week to devote to it. Any volunteers for test flight?
Or Z. Z. ZZZ wants to do simulation training at home. Reports hours of training. School's monitoring system show very little done. Any volunteers for test flight?
11. Interview some young students on how they use technology - in their personal lives and at school.
12. Teach a current teacher (at South or elsewhere) something you have learned in EDM310 and audio or videotape it.
13. Get your own kids to create a blog. Bring them to class to demonstrate or video tape them.
14. help your kids do a vide about technology (a la Ms. Cassidy's kids)
15. Skype a teacher far away from Mobile and do a one on one interview. Record with an appropriate tool.
16. Jarrod Lamshed would like a few of my students to create a lesson plan (6-8 grade) for his students and to teach that lesson plan. Something about the USA. Contact him via Twitter @jlamshed or through his class blog Mr. Lamshed's Class
17. Something like The iSchool Initiative done by a high school senior in Georgia. (Found by Paula Casallo). If you did not watch this, do it now!
Turn on your brain. The ideas will not come immediately.
18. Capture (audio or video) debate between 2 two students, one advocating that the amount of time for a class should be determined by the student and the opposite some other position.

Be daring! Be imaginative! Be passionate!

I will probably add more as the days go along.


  1. So Project 14 can be any ideas with whatever tools we have learned in class like making a video, google presentations, skyping, and etc?

  2. Thanks for the ideas. I needed that. I think I have come up with a plan just by reading this post.