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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Look Ahead to the Remaining Projects


Since many of you have different projects outstanding, I will cover them all.

1. Personal Class Blog
2. Presentation which should be embedded in your personal blog.
3. comments4kids If you have missed some of these (many of you have) you need to ask me to assign you replacement assignments since it is now impossible to go back and complete the assignments originally provided you. Send me an email asking for (insert the number you need) additional assignments for comments4kids. I may spread them over 2 or 3 weeks and will do so if requested by you.
4. PLN - You should be continuing to work on this project. I have a post which deals with PLNs Working on Your PLN. An even better post is Jackie Gorski's post The Evolution of My PLN - Initial Post . You should also consult the special blog Mathis Gorski EDM310 Projects. You will need to write a final post describing your PLN and how you are developing it. It would be nice if you had something to say about how your PLN has helped you so far (if it has). And ask Morgan Bayda about her PLN. She is a student just like you. If you do not recognize her name, read the blog assignment for this week and read the Class Blog! I also suggest that you read 9and watch) Shelly Terrell's excellent post A PLN is Like ...
5. Google Docs Form. You should have distributed it and sent it to me. I have only received 29 of them. You MUST do this soon to allow for some replies.
6. At some point before the end of the semester you need to post how you have used Skype this semester. Add your Skype name to your contact list on your class blog. When I send a request asking that I be able to see when you are on line, agree to that.
7. Voice Thread (or Vocaroo) add at least one to a comment you leave for a kid, a comment you leave for a teacher, a comment you leave for a fellow student, or a comment you leave on the class blog or any of my blogs. Send me an email telling me where you left it. An alternate approach would be to record a pos, or part of a post, on your blog using VoiceThread or Vocaroo.
8. Use a tool you have used in this class to teach someone something.CHANGE In the Syllabus (p. 6) I suggest three tools but you can use any tool we have discovered or used in this class. Dina Tillman (Class C) used Screenjelly to teach me something. That was an excellent use of the tool. If you want to know more about what she did, watch for her blog post or contact her. Her email address is on her Class Blog. Write up your project in your blog and either embed your lesson or include a WORKING link to it. Consult my comments on the Syllabus p. 6.
9. Comments4teachers If you are behind you may continue to use the assignment as specified. Catch up NOW if you are behind.
10. Timetoast Timeline. The syllabus says present it using the smartboard in Week 16. This is now CHANGED . Describe your timeline in a brief post on your blog. Include a link to it. Check to make sure your link works!
11. Professional Blog or A Group Blog which you agree to continue after EDM310. There are lots of documents and movies explaining the professional Blog in the syllabus. In addition, see my post today about Morgan Bayda. Her personal blog Morgan Bayda is an EXCELLENT example of what I would like for you to do with your Professional Blog. Be sure you also read my post about her on the class blog for more information related to this project. Another excellent role model for a professional blog is Shelly Terrill's Teacher Reboot Camp. Shelly completed her Masters degree in 2009. She now has 3 jobs: Director of Educator Outreach for Parentella, English Language Instructor for the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum and the English Camp Instructor and Curriculum Writer for Haus de Familie. You can find links to these organizations by visiting her blog, clicking on My Portfolio and then selecting my complete portfolio. Also look at all of the awards her blog has won in the year that she has been writing it. Shelly lives in Stuttgart, Germany.
CHANGE You can also participate in a group blog which you agree to continue participating in (may every month add a post). You will need at least 3 or 4 partners and 5 or 6 would be better. Ten is about as large a group as you would want to get. Jackie Gorski (Class B) is heading up the EDM310 Alumni Blog. Contact her if you are interested in that. Her email is . Or start your own group. If you take this route you must watch a movie I am going to create this weekend explaining some more tools that you will need to use in Blogger and each participant will have to write an initial post scheduled for publication on a schedule I have agreed to. Talk to me if you decide to do Project 11 this way. I hope there are several groups that form to take this approach!
12. A Google Earth Project Dina Tillman and tabitha Greenlee did a neat videocast on Google Earth. Dr. Cassidy had many excellent examples. If you do a search for Google Eart projects or Google Earth lit trips you will find LOTS of examples. See Mr. McClung's two posts on Google Earth projects for his class: Creating A Google Earth Tour and Google Earth Practice. Don't forget to leave a comment. I will provide additional information about including your Google Earth project in your blog.
13. Videocasts/Podcast - They should begin to appear in iTunes tomorrow. I am working on them. Two are up at the University of South Alabama iTunes U site.
14. Substantive Presentation CHANGE There are no rules. Be creative. be imaginative. I will have more posted about Project 14 tomorrow.
15. An interview. CHANGE You now do not have to do it with another student. You may do it alone. See the detailed instructions on p. 7 of the Syllabus. Audio or video using any tool or tools that would work. I think video would be better in some cases and audio in others. You make that decision.

And there are the additional assignments I added via the class blog. I will post a list of them here tomorrow to make it easier for you to check to see that you have done them all.


  1. On the last project, the interview, is that still suppose to be a video or is another tool allowed?

  2. Audio or video using any tool or tools that would work. I think video would be better in some cases and audio in others. You make that decision.

  3. This was extremely helpful. Thank for the post, Dr. Strange!

  4. So can we Skype someone for the interview?