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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Exciting Example From the EDM310 Learning Community!

Blog screen shot
Two of your classmates, David (Tyler) Mathis (Class B) and Jackie Gorski (Class B), have created a new blog for their EDM310 projects. They have started with their podcast since they had more to say than was contained in the podcast itself.
I HIGHLY recommend that you visit their blog, Mathis Gorski EDM310 Projects, and read their post about their podcast, how they created it, and how they developed and used their PLNs in the process.

If you still are unsure about PLNs, this is an excellent demonstration of PLNs in action. You should also listen to their podcast interview with Eric Langhorst who teaches history in Liberty, Missouri. Note their use of links throughout the blog post. Think about how useful their PLNs have been so far in EDM310.

You can do this too! Try something different! Exciting things are happening in EDM310 as our learning community comes alive!


  1. tyler also did an online questionnaire that i thought was cool for a survey-- amazing the things you can do with what technology has to offer :)

  2. Would you have thought last spring your students would be contacting teachers to get help with their podcasts? You have really amazed me, John.

  3. My students have amazed me! It's great, isn't it! And it all goes back to you when you asked "Do you Twitter, John?" Thank you!