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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morgan Bayda Will Skype Class D - 3/31 2:00pm

Photo of Morgan Bayda's Blog showing her comments about comments from Dr. Strange's EDM310 class.
... Go to her blog to read the complete text. Just click on the picture or the link in the post below.

Morgan Bayda will Skype Class D next Wednesday at 2pm. She is a student at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada majoring in Elementary Education. Morgan has posted a commentary on her excitement at receiving all of your comments. Check out her post Connecting with Professor Strange's Class.

In addition, her personal blog Morgan Bayda is an EXCELLENT example of a professional blog (Project 11). You will notice that there are tabs that take you to various "pages" in her blog. She uses Word Press. Blogger now allows you to add pages like this to your blog. I do not cover how to do this in the materials in the syllabus but it is easy to do but hard to find out how to do it. I will make a movie this week. You can start with this Blogger help page What Are Pages?

Notice how Morgan has used her pages. Most are static. Take a close look at what she has included. If you need help, ask. You can ask me or any of the instructional staff. My guess is that Morgan would also be glad to help you. She may not know Blogger, but she could help you with planning your professional blog.

Note her Wordle also. It is her resume put into Wordle. I am surprised that more of you are not using Wordle more. Check it out!

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