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Monday, March 22, 2010

Honest Reflection is Required - A New Assignment

swearing in of junior ranger

Go to my post Honest Reflection is Required on my blog Dr. John Strange's Strange Thoughts.

Read it. It took me 4 minutes to read it. It may take you a minute or two longer. Leave a comment. That might take 5 minutes.

Thank you.


  1. Dr. Srange, I believe I am speaking for a lot of your student's when I say that this was one of your worst assignments! You can plainly see this by reading all your students responses, and I also believe you owe this "ZZZ" an apology for making your and his business public. I am just so in shock and disappointed with this blog post and assignment!!!

  2. Sandra,

    Thanks for speaking up.

  3. I agree with you on the honesty issue. Looking back, it makes me want to review my answers and see what I said because I know I could have slipped up and said 6 when I only did 5. To lie about everything,intentionally though, is not right at all!

  4. Bottom line is ZZZ is only hurting his or her self. When it is time for the final grade... well it isn't going to be pretty. As much time as you put into lying about your progress, you could have actually been doing your work. So stop procrastinating and do it. It is not as bad as it seems. :)

  5. I have read the majority of comments and i agree with Christie. Some I agree with and some I do not agree with. I myself have fallen behind just a little bit and haven't done some of the things that you and Mr. Tasbin have taught us, and suggested for us to use on our own time. Any class can become overwhelming, so I think that it's just par for the course. the key is just to do your assignments no matter how big or small, and for whatever it's worth I've learned more in this class than i have in any other class in the pass few semesters!