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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've Changed My Mind - Everyone Please Respond

I've changed my mind. Previously I had asked only a limited number of students, all of whom thought they or their fellow students were being required to spend too much time on EDM310, to complete a questionnaire on time required by EDM310. Now I think it would be better if all students answered the questionnaire.

So please complete the questionnaire Too Much Time?


  1. ooooooook first of all... this class does NOT require too much time and you can tell ANYONE that I said that and as everyone knows... I am a procrastinator. Thats saying a lot for me to say that any class does not require too much time--- do the work people! It's fine as long as you don't get behind and if I recall... Dr. Strange said that verbatim in our first weeks of class, and OH YEAH every week thereafter.

  2. Your opinion is your right but it is my opinion, along with several others, that this class is very very taxing! You are correct in saying that the work isn't very time consuming. What is time consuming is trying to figure out what goes on our blog and what doesn't. I am behind on my blogs but that isn't what is taxing to me. What is taxing is reading our syllabus and finding out that we are to be working on several different projects at once but it doesn't give complete detail as to what we are to be doing. Now I do realize that further up it gives some detail but even that is confusing. I am never completely sure what the topics are supposed to be. Also, I know several people who are doing their work on time and even ahead of time and feel the same way I do. Once we finally figure out what we are supposed to do or read and comment on then we are fine. Until then we are completely lost. Oh, and just for future reference it's "That's" not "Thats."

  3. Heather,

    From the survey results, it seems that only 8 people find our class to be overwhelming out of 130+. It is true that several people find it to be a lot of work. In Class B, we have a lot of people working hard and long, but making it happen. People in our class work together when we're stuck and don't hesitate to share their work to help someone understand the project and deadlines.

    Why don't you try to look at it a different way? Why not look at these 16 weeks as a way to set up your preferences and groundwork for how you'll use technology to your advantage in your class? This is the time to set up your blogs, learn how to manage your class' responses like Dr. Strange does, use spreadsheets for maybe grade or project tracking, start the network (PLN) you can use forever to make your job easier, etc. This is the time to overcome the speed bumps to set this stuff up and learn it with professors, teaching assistants and fellow classmates to help. Wouldn't it just be easier to put in the time now, without principals, students and parents breathing down your neck? Time isn't going to be anymore abundant when in the classroom.

    And that principal breathing down our necks... He or she isn't going to think twice about how much work we have when she needs to institute a new program NOW, get a report from you NOW, and other "oh by the ways" that we can't even fathom now. This class is just a sampling of how taxing teaching is going to be. This is the 10K we'll run before the marathon we will be in.

  4. I do have to agree with both Heather and Jackie. I work in an elementary school right now and there are times that there seems to be "no time" to get things done. I too think that SOMETIMES I can get overwhelmed with the workload in this class, but it is because of personal issues too such as work, other classes, 2 small children (1 and 3), and family business. I am keeping up but I do get overwhelmed sometimes.