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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The iSchool Initiative

YouTube Image
Paula Casallo found a great video on YouTube called the iSchool Initiative. She has posted in on her blog. I will add it to the Blog Assignments for the last half of this semester. Thank you Paula.

This is great. Our "learning community" is beginning to really work with contributions from lots of students. Keep it up!


  1. on our way to online lectures-- whoo hooo can't wait

  2. This would make life, and school so much easier!!! I love it!

  3. I think this might work in college but I have a hard time seeing it work in our public school system. Our schools don't have soap for the bathrooms or kleenex for the rooms. So students are suppose to bring them. I have had parents tell me they are not supplying those items much less the other items listed on supply lists, such as pens, paper and crayons. When they hear "free education", they think "free education". I see the main problem would be initial cost and maintenance. Cords, batteries, applications that cost. These are just a few of the needed items that parents would not or could not afford. I believe the iSchool initiative has some great ideas but I also think we are a long way from this actually happening. At least in the Mobile School System. And I may be a bit jaded because as I mentioned before I teach some students who would steal and destroy anything valuable they can get their hands on, so it would be very hard to implement this in some schools.

  4. For college students this would be great. We are adapted and expect extra cost in our education and are willing to pay the cost for convenience. Unfortunately, we have to be real about public education here in Mobile and Baldwin County. Mobile and Baldwin county can hardly make payroll and when you have children in the system or work in the system you see where many parents are having a hard time making ends meets, especially with the economy in the state it is in at the moment. Paula, you are not jaded you just see what goes on in the real world of education and live in reality when it comes to free public education, at least in the Mobile County School System.