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Monday, February 8, 2010

Wrap Week 4

screen capture from USA iTunes
You can listen to this podcast on the University's iTunes site or by clicking the link Wrap Week 4 below. If you want to try using the USA iTunes site, which I recommend you try, click on USA/itunes. Click on Open USA iTunes. Click on Instructors under College of Education. Click on Course (will change to EDM310 soon) under Dr. John Strange.

Here is the direct link to the podcast: Wrap Week 4
If you would rather read than listen, here is the text of what I said in the podcast:
The big event this week (other than the Saints winning the Super Bowl) was Presentation Day (or days).
So what is next?
1. Embed your presentation on your blog if you have not done so already. Don't know how? Open your presentation, Go to Share. Go to Publish. Publish your presentation. When you do so you will be provided with embed code in the lower left corner of the window. Copy that code. Paste in a blog post. Add a Title. You have embedded your presentation in your blog post.
2. Your comments4kids are being noted. See the post immediately below this one. Try to do your comments4kids assignment as soon as it is released each week. Week 5 was just added to your Google Docs this morning. Don't forget. You must post a brief summary of the comments4kids assignment you complete each week. Do this as soon as you make your comment to your kid. And remember - often comments are moderated, especially in K-8. If your comment does not immediately appear it is probably being moderated and will appear as soon as the teacher approves it.
3. Read the class blog daily! I can tell that this is NOT happening. If you do not read this blog daily you will miss important assignments and fall behind in this class which you cannot afford to do!
4. Have you completed the new questionnaire I asked you to complete on February 1 and reminded you about on Feb 5? If not, go to the Feb 1 post and complete it NOW!
5. Is your picture now at the top of the small column on your blog? If not, do it now!
6. Have you formed your Podcast team? Have you selected your podcast topic? If not, you should do that quickly. March 1 will be here before you know it. To successfully complete your podcast you must Plan, Prepare and Practice.
7. Don't understand something? Call, Skype, email, SMS or Tweet any member of the staff. Or bring it to lab so we can help in person!
8. Several people have complained that something didn't work, especially the calendar. In most cases it was because you were using Explorer. DO NOT use Explorer!
9. Familiarize yourself with iTunesU on iTunes and on the University site. Remember that the podcast version of this Wrap can be found weekly on the USA iTunesU!
10. Have you added an email link to your blog in the small column of your blog? You should do so now. If you have questions we will cover it in this week's lab time.
11. Have you added a link to the class blog on your blog? You should do so now. If you have questions we will cover it in this week's lab time.
12. Read this blog EVERY DAY! It is very important that you do so.

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