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Monday, February 22, 2010

Correction to Blog Assignments

Wordle Message
Mandy Sullivan (Class G) noticed that the assignment for last night (February 21) was not working. She was correct. Here is my response to her:
You are the first person who has noticed this - and on the last day before the assignment is due.
I was getting the video from David Hopkins but, when I went to his site this morning, I found out that his site was hacked and he has not restored everything that was destroyed. So I turned to the original source: Apple. The trouble with Apple is that they move things quite often. But the link is working now.

Here are the complete instructions. I have corrected the Blog Assignment Sheet:

2. Find out all you can about iTunes University. Write two or three paragraphs about how iTunes
University might be of help to you as a student or a teacher. Include appropriate links. For an
introduction to iTunesU go to this Apple web site: iTunesU: Learn anything, anytime, anywhere. Then click on Watch the video under the label iTunesU: An Introduction

Thank you very much, Amanda, for calling this to my attention!

Wordle source: ©Jonathan Fineberg. If you have not tried Wordle yet, do so!

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