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Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Project Comments4Teachers

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You now have an additional assignment in your Google Docs: Comments4Teachers Weeks 7-9. Here are the instructions as found in the Google Docs Spreadsheet:
Comments4Teachers: You have been assigned a blog to follow for the next 3 weeks. In most cases these blogs are by teachers or administrators in K-12 schools. Go to the blog. Read the most recent blog post on which you have not commented. If it is obviously just a housekeeping post, skip it and move down the post list until you find an appropriate post on which to comment. Leave you comment. Identify yourself and include with a link to your blog. In your first post also include a link to the class blog and a message that you will be summarizing your visits to the blog with a post to your blog on or before March 21. Go to your blog. Create a post in which you either copy your comment or write a summary. Save it. DO NOT Publish it until you have done all 3 comments and have rewritten your post, if appropriate, to report on all that you have read. This is the first time I have made this assignment and I am sure you will find some glitches. Let me know so that I can make this assignment a better one. It is part of an effort to create a meaningful "virtual" field assignment for you. In some cases the authors of these blogs will be posting often. In others you may only be scrolling down to read old posts. Whatever the case, always comment on the most recent post on which you have not left a comment as long as the post is not a "housekeeping post."

This assignment will be repeated (with a different teacher assigned to you) two more times for Weeks 10-12 and 13-15.

You will make a total of 3 posts (one at the end of each 3 week assignment) on you blog summarizing what you have learned from this assignment with appropriate links and comments.

If you have questions, contact me!

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