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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Podcast Topics Now Available

You should now have a document titled Podcast Topics Spring 2010 in your Google Docs which you can edit. All of the instructions are on the spreadsheet, but I will repeat them here for reinforcement.

1. Form a Team of 2 or 3 students
2. Select a Subject (or do 2 then 1)
3. List Team Members on row of topic you select.
4. Put your class letter in Column D. If you are in different classes, indicate who is in what class.
5. Change the color of your row to red to indicate it cannot be used again.
6. Contact any staff member if you need help.
7. Interact with your classmates using any technology including Skype
8. Use Google Docs to prepare your storyboard or script
9. Share your research by sharing web sites relevant to your topic using Delicious

Podcasts (or Videocasts if you want to do video) should be about 10 minutes long. Videocasts might be better at about 5 minutes, but use your judgement. If I were doing video I would aim for no more than 5 minutes in the final product. Jim Fawcett, Mr. Sullivan and Dr. Strange are probably the best video resources for video. Ms. Averitt, Mr. Tashbin and Mr. Sullivan have had great success with podcasts.

Plan + Prepare + Practice = Podcast!

Podcasts will be recorded in Week 7. (March 1-4)
That means you should start immediately since you will have to do research, plan your podcast with your team members, and PRACTICE. If you are doing a video, speak to one of the staff members about a possible extension of time.


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