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Monday, February 8, 2010

An Excellent Videocast Idea. You should watch.

A palindrome reads the same backwards as forward.
This video reads the exact opposite backwards as forward.
Not only does it read the opposite, the meaning is the exact opposite.
This is only a 1 minute, 44 second video.
Make sure you read as well as listen to the entire video.
You will hear and see it forward and backward.
This video won second place in a contest sponsored by AARP.

The author is a college student who was 28 when she made it. She is now 30. Here is what she wrote about the video:
I guess I should finally get around to putting something here. I am surprised that it has received so much attention recently.

This video was created for the AARP U@50 video contest and placed second.

It is based on the Argentinian Political Advertisement "The Truth" by RECREAR
Thanks to joezandstra for posting it as a video response. If you would like more info about the video [which inspired my video ]you can find it here:

The two songs are
Mind things
Our Lifes, Our Destinies

t r y ^ d
... are available for free through the creative commons license and on the site"

Wondering who won? You could look it up! Amy Stork did! Here is the link: U@50 1st Place Video
Thanks Amy for completing the Let's find out half of "I don't know. Let's find out."


  1. Thank you for sharing that, Dr. Strange. It's clever with a pertinent message. I like it.

  2. That was awesome and uplifting, I get so sick of constant pessimism! What a great play on words! If that video won 2nd place in the AARP contest, I am very curious to see what video won 1st place.

  3. This was a great and interesting video. It was very clever and I shared with one of my friends that is a school counselor. I would like to know what beat that video out of first.

  4. That was awesome! What an interesting idea!

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  6. Thanks Dr. Strange for sharing this. I was also curious about the video that beat it out so I googled it and while it was good as well I enjoyed this video much better! I also read the comments on this site and it seems as though everyone agrees that the second place should have been the winner! I think maybe because the other actually says "When I'm 50" that may have put it over the top with the AARP people! just in case anyone is curious here is the page with the winner and all the comments!

  7. This video was very important and opened my eyes to things I never noticed. YOU did a very good job at presenting this material. What really caught my attention was how you reversed the information.....GOOD JOB!!

  8. Great video! How interesting. I showed my husband this video and he also thought it was very uplifting. Thank you for sharing this Dr. Strange. Good job Amy!

  9. The video was great! I did look at the first place video, and like the many others that commented, I think this video should have won first place. Thank you for sharing.

  10. This was an awesome presentation and filled me with emotion. The author was amazed at the response she received and credits a Argentinian person with the concept within the blog....interestingly the video had over 11 million views, so wither it won first, second, or no prize it was enjoyed by twice the population of Alabama.

  11. This video filled me with a strong emotion very quickly. I am thrilled to see someone young caring so deeply. The world is important, not all people in my generation gave up, glad to see the fight is still on. Thanks Doc Strange

  12. wow, This video filled me with so many thoughts. It made me think about life and how we tend to get so wrapped up in the here and now. This video puts things in prospective. This came from so many different angles. I am left in awe. Simply amazing video. Thanks Dr. Strange.

  13. WOW this video literally gave me chills. It was awesome.

  14. Pamela said...
    Learned something new and exciting. I had never heard a palindrome before, it was great and I really liked it. Thanks for sharing it.