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Monday, February 15, 2010

Wrap Week 5

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You can listen to the Wrap for Week 5.

You can get the Wrap for Week 5 from the USA iTunes site.

Or you can read a written version of what I said:
I keep harping on the same things. Read the class blog daily. Keep up with your assignments. Think ahead. There are a lot of projects to complete before the end of the semester. Use your time to learn new things. The syllabus is loaded with instructional materials to help you learn new tools including Vocaroo, adding pictures and links to your blog, adding links in comments, making pictures you add to your blog compliant with accessibility standards, creating and expanding your PLN, using Twitter effectively. Do not wait for me to tell you to do something. You have the materials listed in the syllabus. Work ahead. Master the tools you will be using in the rest of the semester.

This week we concentrated on two things. The first was podcasts. You have now listened to a number of podcasts. For most of you, podcasts were new. And most of you began to see the many instructional uses they may have. Two weeks from today, starting on March 1, we will record podcasts in class. You can record yours outside of class with an instructor's approval. Some of you are trying vodeocasts. That is great. You will get a head start on making movies. I might note, however, that I sometimes listen to videocasts without watching the pictures. The pictures often do not add much to my understanding. That is not always true, but it is often true. Try it yourself.

Here's what you should be asking yourself about your podcast:
1. Do I have a team?
2. Do I have a topic?
3. Is my team creating a plan?
4. Are we collecting materials?
5. Have we started practicing?

Many of you listened to podcasts that you thought needed improvement. Now you have a chance to improve your podcast. But you must get started NOW!

The second effort this week was to add a link for email and a link to the class blog on your blog. And to check the links to make sure they work. Do you have both links working?

The class is 1/3 over (we have completed 5 weeks out of 15). It's time to assess our progress. I have added a new questionnaire to the class blog. Please complete it immediately.

In Week 6
Plan - Prepare - Practice Your Podcast

And in Class A on Wednesday February 17 we will be Skyping with Ms. Cassidy from Moose Jaw, Canada at 2:00 and withMs. Kelly Hines from Washington, N.C. in Class E at 4:30. Everyone is welcome to come to these sessions. Classes A and E especially: Come prepared to talk with these two great teachers. Ask questions, Enagage in dialogue. Don't just sit like bumps on a log.

That's the wrap for week 5.

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