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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oh My!

Oh My!

Last week there were 63 instances in which C4T#1 and Project #15 were not completed on time. I extended the deadline to Wednesday midnight and 12 (19%) were completed by then.

This week there were 113 missing posts for the 2 videos due and the Google Presentations. Wow. Oh My!

If it were not for the sermon my priest gave this past Sunday (the Master pays the workers the same after differing hours of work - everyone was paid for an all day shift even if they worked only 3 hours), I would not have extended any of these. But the sermon seemed a message to be lenient once again. So the Presentations and two sentences will be accepted without penalty if submitted by Thursday Midnight 9/25/14.

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  1. I wanted to thank all of your students for commenting on my students' blogs. As an 8th grader it is so exciting to have adults from another state read and respond to your writing! Their faces truly light up when they see others' responses. Thanks again! Allison
    Traer, Iowa