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Monday, September 29, 2014

Mrs. Tharp Requests Your Help

Kimberly Tharp

I received the following email today and have made C4K assignments as Mrs. Tharp requested.

See what happens after you start teaching as a result of EDM310?

Hi Dr. Strange,
I'm so glad to see you are still changing the world, one future educator at a time. I have been teaching lots of math and being a Mom for the last 4 years. This year, my administrator awarded me a new elective called "math gaming" where we try to meet a few math electives while having fun. I have turned it into a technology class and my 7th graders are blogging 2 or 3 days a week. They have some pretty great things to say and we've connected with several schools around the world using William Chamberlains comments4kids as a launching pad. You probably have any number of classes to choose from with your EDM students, but if you are looking for new kids to comment on, our class can be found at Mrs. Tharp's Math Gaming.

We would love any feed back from you or your students, along with suggestions of how to take this further. These students will be with me until January, then I will have a new group to introduce to the world. Thanks for igniting a spark so many years ago that has finally become a flame with me!

Your friend,
Kimberly Tharp

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