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Monday, September 1, 2014

Almost Time to Celebrate - But Not on Wednesday Night


So close....!

We now have 119 students in EDM310. Two have never shown up for class and do not have a blog. So let's say we have 117 enrolled.

Of those all but 12 (10%) posted Blog Post #2 on time. That is the best Week 3 performance ever (except for summer semesters).

Of those 12, eight are enrolled in the Wednesday night class. That means 33% of the Wednesday night class did not post Blog Post #3 on time. Why so many? I wish I knew. So our celebration is slightly undermined. But in the other three classes only 4 students out of 93 students (4%) failed to post Blog Post #3 on time.

Time to celebrate, except on Wednesday night.

Keep it up MW4, TT11 and TT2! Get on board while you can W6!

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